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Women's Skirts and Wraps

| Thin Beach Skirt
This lovely short skirt is made of a soft thin weave that gives it a comfortable and airy feel. Perfect for summer walks and trips to the beach.
  | Neon Pink Pleated Skirt
Designed to look like the classic schoolgirl skirt, only in a blindingly bright neon pink that is sure to catch the eye of any who look in your direction.
| Pleated Rollable Miniskirt
This lovely little pleated cotton skirt has the added feature of being able to be rolled at the waist if you dare to make it shorter, as a micro-miniskirt.
  | Red Plaid Schoolgirl Miniskirt
This little red miniskirt has fun little slight ruffles to give it a similar look to the classic pleated school uniform, making it lighter and more comfortable.
Cotton Sweatskirt
Made of the same stretchy soft fabric and style of most sweatpants, complete with waistband tie string, this make for a great formfitting miniskirt.
  | Silky Pleated Miniskirt
This lightly pleated skirt looks great, with the light pastel colors and simple plaid pattern, and feels even better, with the soft silky feel of the fabric.
| Denim Miniskirt with Ripped Edge
This common but stylish jean miniskirt rides high on the thighs, but keeps you fully covered. The frayed ripped edge along the bottoms just adds to the appeal.
  | Stretchy Nylon Tube Miniskirt
This sexy nylon and spandex tube miniskirt has a shimmer you can't deny. Perfect on the dance floor, none of these colors stay exactly the same under the lights.
| Cutoff Denim Miniskirt
Catch that classic country girl look, with this rough-edged cutoff jean miniskirt. You can be Daisy-May in the modern age and catch all the guys eyes.
  | Leather Miniskirt Wrap
This small sexy leather miniskirt wraps around and ties off, leaving a daring gap over wherever you decide to tie it off. So how daring are you going to be?
| Tiny Denim Flasher's Skirt
Only the very daring would ever wear this cute little jean skirt, since it may cover half the behind it has an open from that fully exposes everything.
  | Cotton Skirt With Center Holes
More daring than your usual skirt, this cotton number is made of stretchy tee shirt material and contains several horizontal holes across the back to show off your assets.
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