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Women's Jackets

| Fury Knit Sweater Coat
Combine the warmth of a good thick knit cotton sweater with that of a fur jacket and this coat surrounds you with comfort and warmth.
  | Thick Down Parka
Even the coldest days and nights won't be a problem for you with this full down filled parka, complete with fur lined hood to keep the cold out and warm in.
Padded Winter Ski Jacket
Warmth and style combine in this weatherproof jacket designed for the snow and rain of the high mountains. Now available for you lowlanders too.
  | Fur Collared Winter Jacket
Why lose out on style when dressing warmly? This attractive brown full length jacket with fur-lined collar and cuffs will keep you warm and still look good.
| Clear Vinyl Long Raincoat
This crystal clear long vinyl raincoat leaves no question as to what the student has on below it, helping the inspectors in doing their duty to enforce the | Dress Code.
  | Fur Lined Short Jacket
Although not as long as some of the other winter jackets, this stylish dual fur lined one will keep your torso warmer than nearly any of them.
| Transparent Red Vinyl Raincoat
Fire engine red and completely transparent, this amazingly well crafted raincoat combines basic style and comfort with a highly economically minded price tag.
  | Long Green Corduroy Coat
Style and class meet a classic design in this long corduroy lady's jacket. Numerous snaps can be used to fully close it and the lining is soft against the skin.
| Brown Leather Jacket
Want the feel of the old west without the hassle of a long heavy duster? Get yourself one of these classic brown leather jackets and hit the dusty trail.
  Brown Leather Duster Style Trench Coat
A touch of the old west and classic city style in a modern jacket that is both warm and comfortable. You'll love this jacket throughout the year.
Short Black Leather Biker Jacket
Weather you are out on the open road or hanging out at the club house, this leather biker jacket will keep you in style no matter what you do.
  | Long Knit Trench Coat
Keeping the style of a classic trench coat but the comfort of a warm knit jacket, this coat combines the two in something you have to feel to truly believe.

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