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Women's Shoes and Boots

Simple Tan Canvas Sneakers
These simple tan sneakers with white laces are both easy on the feet and stylish for the student on the go. Inexpensive and comfortable in one package.
  Open Toed Strapless High Heels
Classy high heeled shoes without ankle or top straps, only over the toes. Available in several colors of faux leather finish and comfort lining insoles.
| Stylish Rubber Soled Boat Shoes
Comfortable and fashionable, these kinds of shoes come in a variety of colors to match every student's needs and wants, giving them safety and style.
  | Gold Adorned Black Open-Foot Heels
Simple and stylish, these heels are little more than a toe and ankle strap attached to a high heel base, but the gold and faux jewel strap cover adds a special touch.
Tall Black Lace-Up Boots
Shiny black vinyl and thick soles with raised heel make these nearly knee-high boots the perfect addition to a serious but stylish look or even on their own.
  | Black & White Spiked Pumps
These seem to be simple high heeled pumps, but the black & white classic pattern makes them seem far more classy than their price would suggest.
| Knee-High Spiked Leather Boots
These sexy and stylish spiked-heel over-the-knee-high boots are perfect for the girl looking to be talk of the town. Plus they are surprisingly comfortable.
  | Gold Strapped Heels With Top Cover
Fancy golden strapped high heels with a texture pattern over the wide straps that cover the top of the foot, leave the toes open as they make their statement.
| Black Leather Heeled Boots
Look fantastic in these thigh-high black leather boots with tall, stylized heels and pointed toes. Never get caught out without your good looking boots.
  Wooden Heel Split Toed Clog
The faux knit look, complete with split toe strap, makes these wooden clogs look fantastic, with a wooden heel and soft leather top surface.
| Black Leather Squared Ankle Boots
Short and sturdy, while remaining classy, these are just the kind of boots you want to have when making a statement out on the town.
  | Denim Thick Soled Clogs
Stylish frayed edged denim make these clogs look like designer jeans for your feet. Make yourself comfortable and the epitome of fashion at the same time.
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