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Women's Dresses and Gowns

Flower Pattern Double-Strap Dress
Beautiful colorful flower pattern dress with double shoulder straps. This well fitting and dress code following dress is extremely popular with the students.
  | Blue Denim Overall Style Dress
This is s faded blue denim overall style dress, complete with front bib and adjustable straps. Durable and fashionable, this outfit is perfect for the active girl.
| Tie-Dyed High Hipped Sundress
A sexy sundress that hangs low in front and back and high on the sides, to show off the sexy form of the female body while keeping the important parts covered.
  | Short Spaghetti Strap Dress
Lightweight and comfortable, this lovely dress is great on any warm day. It's not often that comfort and fashion meet, but this does it in numerous colors.
| Patchwork Split Front Dress
This daring dress is both sexy and artsy, carefully covering what has to be covered to remain within the codes, but easily showing more than enough to be a tease.
  | Short Black Sheer Party Dress
A sexy little sheer black dress with thigh slits to allow bending and dancing with ease. A great little number for hitting clubs or a night on the town.
| Plain Long Red Casual Dress
This long red dress allows for full coverage of all areas, but is easily removable when an inspection happens. Designed for those who care more class and style.
  | Thick Hooded Bathrobe
Not actually a dress, although classified as one, this thick bathrobe is all that you need after a shower, since carrying a towel could get you caught by the inspectors.
| White Strapped Backed Dress
Enjoy both coverage and freedom in this amazingly comfortable and sexy white dress, complete with a nearly backless look made of dozens of thin white straps.
  | Wooly Knit Sweater Dress
Although some might think of this as simply a large sweater, the length makes it a whole dress that gives you the comfort and warmth of a thick woolen sweater.
| Sideless Loincloth Dress
Be safe and daring at the same time in this sexy sideless dress. Accommodates the full coverage wanted, while showing off just how daring and sexy you are.
  | Extremely Low Cut Mini-Dress
Be daring and stay within the guidelines of the | Dress Code with this amazingly low cut mini-dress, baring far more than just cleavage down the front.
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