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Cracked Arts Spotlight Archive

Becky Lestrange – Wet Performance Piece (Outtakes)

Becky is one highly attractive young woman, even if she mostly wanders quietly around campus in her black clothes and silent demeanor. This show really shows off what she doesn't really show around campus. Both her great, creative personality and this beautiful naked body.

Although the pictures included in the main spotlight did show off this side of her relatively well, they didn't quite show it all, which is why I wanted to make sure these got seen. Seriously, look at those beautiful pink little pussy lips.

The only thing I wonder about is how she still has any kind of tan lines at all. Sure they are mostly faded now, but you can still clearly make them out. Makes me wonder what she gets up to when not on campus. I know she lives off campus, so it might be that she sunbathes in a bikini at home or something, but it is really unusual to see here.

They seem to be more prominent on her breasts, which I guess makes sense, since she could wear that kind of top around campus and get away with it. But seeing tan lines on the lower half is very usual, and I'm sure adds a lot to what makes her show such a hit. Something different and unusual for this place.

It's also fun to see her really open up during the show, both in talking about personal feeling and her sex life, and physically by spreading her legs and opening her pussy wide for all to see. The dripping water flowing over it only seems to accentuate the sensual beauty of her.

Then the sitting section of the show goes even further to fully show off everything as she slowly starts to rub and play with herself, both caressing her breasts and pussy. By the end of this section she is fully fingering herself hard, bringing herself to full orgasm in front of everyone.

By the end of the show, you will really know Becky better, inside and out, but mostly you will be incredibly horny and want to go take care of that immediately. If you happened to come to show with a date, you are lucky. If not, you might just have to run off and take care of things yourself. Either way, you will want to enjoy yourself.

You will not forget your night watching Becky Lestrange. She is certainly something to remember. So get down there and enjoy the show while you can.

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Last modified on 2017/6/18 by Admin
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