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Sports Spotlight Archive

Wanda Tamerin – Gymnastics

Although Central University is mostly known as an arts college, we also have a good number of amazing athletes coming here too. Wanda Tamerin is one such athlete. She earned a full scholarship due to her amazing gymnastic abilities and has been winning awards for our school since she started here over three years ago.

When she first came to Central University, Wanda was taken into the Physical Education program as a Gymnastics Team member, but what kind of education she took was up to her, as long as she kept up with her team duties. She decided to actually go into Physical Education, training to either become a coach or a PE teacher, but this also allowed her to work on her gymnastic skills even while working on her required class work.

Although it was a rough transition from her high school, she quickly proved to be both an ideal student, moving to the top of most of her classes, but also an outstanding member of the Gymnastic Teams. In her freshman year she won four state level awards and helped take the team to Regionals. By the end of the year she was already seen as one of the top members of the team.

In her sophomore year, Wanda moved up to become the second to the team captain. She also arranged several of the routines used by many of the lesser members of the team, as well as her own. She then not only took seven state and regional awards, but took the team to Nationals for the first time in nine years. As a result, she was also chosen by her team as the MVP of the year.

At the start of her junior year, she was made the team captain. As the year progressed, she was ranked top in the state on the rings and top in the region at floor exercises. She was also the only one to come in first in anything during Nationals. She took the gold for her award winning balance beam routine, which included three full hands-free flips before making her dismount.

She is great at several of the different kinds of activities found within the gymnastics field, able to perform nearly all of them to some level of skill. Her main focuses have been on the rings, floor exercises, tumbling, and balance beam, but she is also quite adept at the parallel bars, pommel horse, and uneven bars. The only area is not great at is the springboard, as she has trouble with aerial maneuvers.

When we arrived to take these images and do our interview she was preparing for a practice session in the Gymnastics Training Center of the Corvin Stadium Building. We watched as she moved from one exercise to another, doing her practice, and managed to ask a few questions along the way, but trying not to interrupt any routine in progress.

When she finished, we had her sit down with us for a few more questions and to get some more details about her life and studies.

She told us that she's been involved in gymnastics since she was little, even taking ballet classes when there was no gymnastics available to her. She always wanted to be an Olympic champion and has worked very hard most of her early life for the chance. Unfortunately she never made the Olympic national team each time she tried, starting when she was thirteen. When she hit college she was told she was too old to make it and not even allowed to try out. So she started working extra hard to lead every competition she could get in.

When asked about the training conditions here and how the dress codes affected her training, she said she actually was very nervous in her freshman year, but has grown to love the freedom of movement it allows her. She now doesn't like to wear anything while working out or training if she doesn't have to. She just wished that most competitions would allow it.

During the interview she said she needed a shower but asked if we wanted to continue in there. Unfortunately the camera couldn't be used in there, so we have no images, but we did join her in the showers to keep talking about her skills and her future. I was most impressed with how comfortable she seemed through the whole process.

Speaking of her future, she plans to move onto either coaching young gymnasts who might have Olympic potential, or get a job as a Physical Education teacher or coach at a school. She might even do both, it time allowed it. She just hopes that she will be able to pass on what she learned here and her personal techniques to them.

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