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Violation In The Lounge

Even though summer is upon us, that doesn't mean we are going to forgo posting spotlights that have built up in the offices (or even ones that come in over the summer session). This one is one that happened a couple months ago but we failed to post in a timely manner. Other cases came up and it got lost in the shuffle, but here it is now.

Alison Malachim was hanging out with some of her friends in town (both other girls from campus and some locals). From talking to her later we learned that she didn't want to go out in her usual school type of attire since they were going to hang out with some people who weren't from town, so she slipped on a pair of panties and put on a long tee to wear as a dress. She considered also wearing a skirt, but knew that would be really pushing it. When done for the day she asked if they could drop her off right in front of the dorms and they had no problem with that.

She walked right in and was going to head right up to her room to change, but passed through the dorm's lounge on the way to see who hanging out in there. That was her only mistake. If he hadn't done that she never would have run into the inspector who was visiting a friend in there... and some inspectors are never off duty.

She walked in and the inspector instantly called her over to talk to him. She tried to be friendly and nonchalant, even talking to the inspector's friend since she knew then too, but the inspector was ready for such tactics. He waited for the casual greetings to end and then called her to attention for an inspection.

Alison tried to act surprised and even a little upset at the accusation, especially happening in her own dorm—her home—but the inspector didn't let her off with it and demanded that she did as was required. She sighed and stepped up, preparing for what she knew was coming.

Since she was wearing a long tee as a dress, the inspector took the most common first act and asked her to lift the dress so he could make sure she wasn't wearing anything else under it, like a skirt or shorts. Alison hesitated slightly, but then lifted it slightly, hoping the simple gesture would be enough to satiate the inspector and that he didn't actually notice that she had worn panties into town.

At first it looked like he accepted it, but as soon as she let out a relieved breath he told her to lift it up again so he could make sure he wasn't mistaken on what he thought he saw. It was then that she knew she was in trouble and lifted the shirt up in front to clearly show the front panel of her panties. She also lifted one leg a bit to make sure it was clear what she was wearing, now that she knew her infraction was seen.

The inspector had her stand there, holding the shirt up, and looked intently at the panties revealed. Alison knew better than put the shirt down or ask if she could, so she simply just stood there and let everyone look. The inspector was going to make sure everyone in the lounge got a clear view of the infraction before he moved things forward, being a believer in making prolonged embarrassment a big part of every infraction when found.

"Oh my god." The inspector's friend (who asked to remain anonymous) said when she got a good look at them, "Those are so cute."

Alison wasn't sure if she could reply to that the way she wanted to, but the girl continued and killed any pleasant smile or response Alison may have had. "I can't believe you dared to wear them here."

Alison simply shrugged and looked worriedly at the inspector.

He smiled at his friend and then looked at Alison. "Why don't you take a seat here in front of my friend and let her get a good close look at them, since she likes them so much. Not like she gets much of a chance to see panties around here very often."

Alison did as instructed, even though it was out of the norm for an inspection, and sat there showing off the panties to the girl. She even nervously tugged at them a little while the girl looked closely at her skimpy little pink panties, hoping he would just on with the inspection so she could go to her room and end this.

After far longer than she was comfortable with, the inspector finally told her to stand up and remove the panties. She stood up, turning her back on them as she did. She then reached for her panties and started to pull them off, but the inspector told her to stop. She did as told, but was confused, since he was also the one that told her to take them off.

She then understood when he told her to turn and face them before taking them off. She backed off a little and started to slowly pull the panties down. She knew what he really wanted was a show, so she gave him one. She slowly peeled them down and teasingly revealed her neatly trimmed pussy as they moved, although it was soon covered up by the shirt again as the panties were slowly slid down her legs.

Once the panties were off, she picked them up and stood there in proper inspection position again, although this meant she looked pretty much exactly the way she did when she came into the room in the first place. The inspector told her that she wasn't allowed to do that, so she had to hold the tee up and leave her lower half exposed before he continued.

She begrudgingly accepted and held up the shirt to leave her pussy and ass on full display, even though the panties were still clutched in her left hand.

For a couple more minutes he pretended to carefully examine her lower half for other violations. He even had her spread her pussy lips open so he could make sure she wasn't hiding a second pair of panties inside. She thought this was a little overkill, but at least he didn't take long on that part. He probably felt it was pointless, but since it was a part of the process he had to go through with it.

He then finally said he had to have her lift the shirt further to make sure she wasn't hiding a second violation under the top half. She pulled one side of the shirt up, exposing one breast, and playfully bit and pulled on the panties with the other hand. The inspector, realizing he forgot to call for it, told her to hand over the panties as evidence and put them into a bag he wrote her name and case number on.

She said it was at that point that she realized that the inspector was not one of the fun ones. He wasn't going to go light on her if she played sexy and coy, but it also meant that she wasn't going to be pushed to do anything really bad or subtly pressured into trying to bribe him. He was one of the good ones, if there was such a thing with being inspected.

After putting them away he told her to continue with the inspection, lifting both sides up enough to make sure she's not hiding anything. Alison did as she was told and exposed both her large breasts to him and everyone else in the room. He let her stand there like that a few moments and said noting, not even getting up to get a closer inspection this time. Just letting the embarrassment really sink in.

Eventually he got up and did his slow close examination of her top half, even having her hold the shirt up higher at times. He got up very close and checked that she didn't have a second shirt under this one or was trying to hide a bra that she was wearing. It was pretty clear that she wasn't, but he also knew this part of the inspection added to the embarrassment, and she was guilty of an infraction, so she deserved it.

After heading back to the couch he made a few notes and then told her she needed to remove the shirt completely, since it was the other half of the evidence. You see, since the shirt was long enough to count as a dress, it was actually long enough to count as bottoms as well as a top. That meant that she was not only wearing panties, but two bottoms at the same time too. That's two infractions at the same time.

After he explained this to her, she pulled the shirt up and off, although slowly, since she knew that's what he'd want. This left her completely naked, although not for the first time in her dorm's lounge. She then handed him the shirt when he asked for it and he put it into the plastic bag with her other item.

He then finished writing up her slip and handed it to her, ending the official part of the inspection and setting her up for a future court hearing at some point. She took it and thanked him glumly.

With everything over, Alison was allowed to leave, but a girl in the corner came up and asked if she could ask Alison a few questions before she left. Alison noticed she was holding a camera (and took all these pictures) and knew she worked for the school paper, so he knew she had better be nice to her and answer a few questions.

The girl asked why she wore the panties (which was covered above) and how she felt about how the inspector handled things (some of which was posted throughout the rest of this post). She then asked one final thing that caught Alison a little off guard.

"Before you head upstairs to get dressed." The reporter asked. "Do you really have a problem with being naked like this in public? I mean, I saw the way you were acting throughout the inspection and you never really seemed embarrassed. It all looked like a show to me."

She couldn't help but smile when she replied. "As long as you don't post this until after my hearing, I'll answer."

I promised (and kept that promise by seeing that this one got misplaced for a while) and let her answer.

"I kind of like it." She said, "Makes me feel extra sexy. Why do you think I always play it so close to the edge with my dressing and walk around where I know inspectors will be? Today was just an unexpected surprise, but I went with it."

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