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The Values of Central University

The core mission and strategic objectives of CUNT are supported by several values, which all staff and students are encouraged to support at every point. Several of these are also enforced in our Codes of Conduct.

Excellence: Central University strives for and recognizes excellence in all areas of its operation. This includes several awards for both the staff and student body of the school, recognized nationally.

Integrity: Central University expects all members of the community not only to act ethically and honestly, but in accordance all parts of the Code of Conduct and the Dress Integrity Code. This creates a community that both expresses and encourages both look and actions of highest decorum and respect.

Diversity: Central University understands and respects the importance of diversity, of both thought and action, and is always seeking ways to both express and improve the diversity of it's offerings, staff, and student body. We are committed to listening to all sides of an issue before reacting to it, through several internal organizations and procedures, and oppose all forms of discrimination.

Community: Central University strives to form community bonds both internally within the faculty and student body and externally within the local city of New Town. All members of the University are expected to work towards the enrichment of all aspects of community life for all. Strong bonds have been formed within the campus and the broader community that should only be strengthened as time goes on.

Creativity: Central University encourages creativity, collaboration, and experimentation in all aspects of life, including being receptive to new ideas and an effort to bring these ideas to fruition.

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