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The Central University Experience

While maintaining it's commitment to integrity and excellence, Central University is a community-based environment that does its part to teach and provide a safe learning environment for all. Although Central University is a full-featured educational institution, it has a foundation in the liberal arts with numerous opportunities to develop professional level skills. CUNT also provides numerous undergraduate and select graduate programs, giving students a personalized teaching and learning environment of the highest quality.

Central University brings together a diverse and talented student body, faculty, and staff to form a learning community that, along with community partners, involves its members in active learning, scholarly discourse, and reflection. There are also numerous social, sport, and educational organizations and clubs for staff and students to participate in.

Central University generally instills a life-long passion for learning and fosters individual curiosity, intellectual rigor, critical thinking, and creativity in all its students. Central University creates opportunities for students to display leadership, civic engagement, social responsibility, and effective citizenship. Promoting scholarly and creative work of significance and applying that scholarship in regional, national, and global communities is part of the foundation the university endorses.

Central University provides the highest quality environment to complement the learning community with a sustainable and attractive campus. It is all intentionally designed to support student learning and instill a sense of community and personal freedom within a safe environment.

These efforts create an integrated and distinctive college experience that is only found here at Central University of New Town

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