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The Shopping Rules of Topplander's

Naked Dress Shopper
Although Topplander's Boutique has some of the best prices in town for shirts, blouses, top, bras, and even some dresses, their format of 'Loss Prevention" keeps some wary shoppers away. Since all they carry are things that at least cover your top half, they don't allow anything that covers your top half to be worn in the store. This includes one-piece dresses and coveralls if you are wearing those. It's not unusual to see a few naked shoppers walking around among all the topless ones. They don't allow you do simply lower and wear only the top half of dresses or coveralls, as they could easily be pulled up and mistaken for sale items.

Topless Shopper Enjoys Looking For Deals
When you first enter the Boutique you have pass through the "coat check" section, where you turn in your tops and any purses or other bags you are carrying. In exchange for these you are given a numbered ticked on a band (which can be worn around the neck or wrist), which is used during check out to have your things returned to you. If there is something you want to carry with you, like your wallet or notebook, they will supply a small clear plastic bag to carry them in.

Topplander's also has no dressing rooms, designed to further prevent theft, but since most shoppers are already topless or naked it's simply easier for them to just try things on in the isles. If anyone comes to the checkout wearing a top of any kind they are charged for them (even if they are something the person manages to sneak in). While at the checkout stand the claim ticket is turned in and their things are brought out to them, so they can pay and dress in their old clothes (if they want).

Shirtless Shoppers in Men's Department
The store is open to both men and women, but the Men's Department is far smaller. The store itself is two stories and only one quarter of the main floor is dedicated to the Men's Department, with the rest of the store being mainly for the Women's Department. They do also have a small jewelry, perfume, and accessory department, but these are their own counters with staff to help and not a self-serve section like most of the rest of the store is. They do have restrooms, but no store items (or other tops) are allowed to be carried into them.

Group Waiting for Monthly Super-Sale
Once a month, Topplander's holds a One-Hour Super-Sale, where they open their store for a special hour on a Wednesday and highly slash prices on everything for the hour of the sale. In the hours leading up to the sale you have a number of shoppers that line up outside, usually already topless or naked to speed things up, that rush in when the doors open and grab their claim tickets while dropping off their bags as fast as they can. Since the sale only lasts for an hour they have to get in, find their purchases, and make their purchases before the timer goes off. Anyone still in the store when time runs out has to put down what they have and leave without it (or pay full price).

They do also have other special sales and celebrations, but none of them get the same fanfare or have as good of overall deals as the monthly Super-Sales. Twice a year they have general clearance sales and once a year they have an Everything Must Go Inventory Madness sale, but even these don't have the same effect.

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