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The Truth About Other Things That May Interest You

Sometimes there are things that need to covered that don't fit in the other categories. They aren't exactly school codes or other rules or even locations that can be talked about. Sometimes these are products or items you have to watch out for (or even look for) and other times they are games or special rules for things that don't have a set location connected to them. Some of these are for fun and others have hidden risks (and I am sure some are both), but either way they are placed here for your perusal.

The Truth About Ashley's Training Sessions: When Ashley Norrington made her Inspector Training session, more than what you saw happened.

Hazing on Greek Row: Hazing is a regular thing on Greek Row and isn't going anywhere, but what exactly is it?
Truth About the Chancellor: Want to know more about the man in charge of the school?
Super Truth or Dare: One of the more popular group games on campus right now, with numerous variations.

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