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Other Stories of Central University of New Town

There are all sorts of other stories about life on campus and around town that don't involve Lisa and her friends. These are stories about other students, happenings at local businesses, and secret stories about certain staff members. All these other storied can be found here. They are listed in reverse order, so the newest ones can always be found at the end of the list.

Saturday Night Dares (about 4800 words) – The inhabitants of Harlow Dorms Tower I play an increasingly racy game of Truth or Dare
Mr. Schmidt's New Class Rules (about 7400 words) – Tired of the misbehaving students, Mr. Schmidt makes some new rules
Back In Class With Mr. Schmidt (about 6100 words) – With the troublemakers gone, things move on to phase two of his rules
My Strict Boss's Rules (about 2000 words + images) – Learn the importance of knowing the rules before you start your job.
Training for my New Job (about 1900 words + images) – Story about what Orientation means at Harwood And Associates.
Working in the Teacher's Lounge (about 19,000 words) – Jodie gets a work-study assignment in the new private teacher's lounge.

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