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Spotlight Stories (Student, Staff, & More)

Staff Spotlights

Along with students, the school likes to showcase their staff members every once and a while, but these are even more unreal and skewed than the Student Spotlights. What you have here is a collection of true stories about some of the spotlighted staff members and the things they really did to get the attention.

Allan Dobias: Foreign Exchange (about 900 words) – Allan gives a couple exchange students a taste of the old country.
Paula Jenkins: Professor Jenkins' Story (about 1300 words) – The day she was inspected in front of her class and left in disarray.
Christine Leigh: Musical Appreciation (about 2100 words) – Mrs. Leigh finds a way to keep her class' attention as the holiday approaches.
Karen Liman: Hard Earned Grade (about 1700 words) – Karen gives a student some extra hard work as a make-up test.
Olivia Mercer: Private Counseling (about 2300 words) – Olivia and her Husband give some special counseling to a student.
Fiona Peach: Jessie's Lesson (about 1600 words) – Fiona punishes and humiliates a cheerleader in front of her class.
Larissa De Cotis: The Incentive Program (about 4400 words) – Professor De Cotis institutes a unique program to inspire her uninterested students.
Polina Sidorov: Female Biology Studies (about 2000 words) – Professor Sidorov uses her body to demonstrate her class subject of the day.
Katyana Simonova: Should Have Seen It Coming (about 900 words) – A bet with a student strips one of them in front of the class.
Linda Walker: Linda Walker's Reenactment Account (about 300 words) – Professor Walker has to recount her inspection.

Student Spotlights

When the university runs an article on one of their students, showcasing who they think deserves the recognition, they often leave a lot of the pictures out of the photosets and don't tell the truth about them. When there is more you should see or read, I post outtakes here and tell you the secrets they are keeping from you. All part of getting the truth out.

Danielle Masterson – Chess Club: Official Spotlight - Outtakes
Kata Skokoff – Equestrian: Official Spotlight - Outtakes
Cindy Cooper – Freshmen: Official Spotlight
Erin Madison – Sorority Girl: Official Spotlight
Head Nurse Emily Olsen – Nursing Student: Official SpotlightOuttakes
Sergeant Mary Henderson – R.O.T.C.: Official SpotlightOuttakes

Arts Spotlights

When the university runs an article on one of the arts students or their shows, usually accompanied by photosets, the students are often openly exposing themselves through their art. When this happens and they leave some of the better pictures out of the published set, I like to show you what you are missing and give you the truth about what they do.

Jenny Twindle – Fashion Major: Official SpotlightOuttakes
Helen Robinson – Photography Major: Official SpotlightOuttakes
Kelly Broccoli – Music Major: Official SpotlightOuttakes
Penny Hammond – Classical Dance Major: Official SpotlightOuttakes
Dee Dee Denton – Dance Major: Official Spotlight

Sports Spotlights

When the university runs an article on one of their athletes or sports teams, they seem to use them to get some racy pictures of students they want to see more of or have their way with. When this happens and pictures are left out of the published sets, I like to show you what they want to keep to themselves and they treated those students.

Nicole Durham – Crew: Official Spotlight
Julia Rosewood – Tennis Team: Official SpotlightOuttakes
Wanda Tamerin – Gymnastics: Official Spotlight
Andi Pinkerton – Soccer: Official SpotlightOuttakes
Sabrina Carpenter – Boxing: Official SpotlightOuttakes
Jayda Brooke – Baseball Team: Official SpotlightOuttakes

Cheerleader Spotlights

When the university likes to run an article on one of their cheerleaders, usually accompanied by photosets, they tend to gloss over certain parts of the cheerleader experience, although they do show some nice pictures. I like to make sure you get to see the whole truth about what makes our cheer squad the way they are and why each of them gets let on the team.

Tiffany Elton – Interview: Official SpotlightOuttakes
Beth Arnson – Interview: Official SpotlightOuttakes
Gina Black – Audition: Official SpotlightOuttakes
Heather Redgrave – Interview: Official SpotlightOuttakes
Julie Renfield – Audition: Official SpotlightOuttakes
Trina Huntington – Interview: Official SpotlightOuttakes

Cheekies Café Server Spotlights

Cheekies Café, one of the more popular places on campus to eat, runs occasional spotlights about some of their servers. These showcases are supposedly to show how they have wonderful people working for them, but mostly seems to be to show off the nearly naked bodies of those working for them. But then, that is basically their business model.

Carol Freemont – Interview: Official SpotlightOuttakes
Theresa Kurtz – Interview: Official SpotlightOuttakes

Inspection Spotlights

When an inspection happens and there's a camera there to catch it, which is more often than you can imagine, the school just might post a report of that inspection along with the pictures. They also sometimes are known for spotlighting one of the inspectors who has stood out in the field, but mostly it's just to show off how they strip students naked.

Inspection In The Trees – Safe Inspection: Official Spotlight
Tennis Inspection – Violation: Official Spotlight
Stairway Inspection – Safe Inspection: Official Spotlight
Inspection In The Kitchen – Safe Inspection: Official Spotlight
Easy Inspection Gone Right – Safe Inspection: Official Spotlight
Inspector Audrey Harper – Inspector: Official Spotlight
Violation In The Lounge – Violation: Official Spotlight

Student Court Spotlights

Although they call this section the student court spotlight, it seems to be more about spotlighting the punishments they hand out. I have yet to actually see one of the court hearing spotlighted, only the loser's outcomes. But it's hard to complain when you get to see some of the crazy shit they pull on these so called criminals.

Bad Little Puppy Girl – Punishment: Official Spotlight
The Groping Booth – Punishment: Official Spotlight
Restraining Order – Punishment: Official Spotlight
A Real Class Performance – Punishment: Official Spotlight
The Straight Jacket – Punishment: Official Spotlight
Blindfold Justice – Punishment: Official Spotlight
A Dorm Mother's Whip – Punishment: Official Spotlight
Cindy In the Stocks – Punishment: Official Spotlight

Community Spotlights

The school likes to spotlight certain aspects of the school or the community, often putting a historical spin on it. Most of the time they seem to try and put a fancy spin it and gloss over the more naughty bits, but they still do a pretty good job of it.

The History and Tradition of The Central Run – Event: Official Spotlight
Rustic Lakefront Community Park – Location: Official Spotlight
History of the Campus Commissary – Location: Official Spotlight
Holiday Events of Central University – Event: Official Spotlight
Halloween Costume Contest Winners – Event: Official Spotlight Main Page

Tenth Place:  Official Entry – Uncensored ; Ninth Place: Official Entry ; Eighth Place: Official Entry – Uncensored ; Seventh Place: Official Entry – Uncensored ; Sixth Place: Official Entry ; Fifth Place: Official Entry – Uncensored ; Fourth Place: Official Entry – Uncensored ; Third Place: Official Entry – Uncensored ; Second Place: Official Entry ; First Place: Official Entry – Uncensored

Costume Parties on Campus – Event: Official Spotlight
The Charles Wilson Memorial Library – Location: Official Spotlight

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