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The Truth About The Mile High Club

Some of you may have heard about the new private club that opened up downtown several months ago. Everything about the place has been kept quiet, other than the theme of the place and a little about what it takes to join or get a job there. I have to admit, it had me intrigued. I wanted to know more. And you know what happens when I want to know more. I find out more.

On the surface the Mile High Club appears to be a private Airline themed club for mostly wealthy clientele. You either have to have a lot of money or have some serious connections to get invited to join. Once a member you are allowed to come and go as you please, just as you would with most private clubs.

One of the most distinct elements of the club is the fact that all the employees dress as if they work for an airline, either as pilots or stewardesses of some kind. They then do their jobs as if they worked on an airline and all the clients were first class ticket holders. The whole premise is that of a high-class airline catering to the whims of the rich.

All their advertising, what little they have done, focuses on these elements. They sell the place as a private club that caters to the jet set and wealthy, but with a fun side that appeals to more general masses. They even promise a small taste of their offerings to the middle class, although we all know none of those people will be getting invited through the main doors. They call all these ranks according to their ticket classes, First Class, Business Class, Economy Class and Coach.

At least that's the whole public facing side the club tries to keep on the surface. What the staff really dresses like and does is a different matter completely, as is what it really takes to be a full-fledged member.

That's what I'm going to be sharing with you here.

For starters, those little stewardesses uniforms they always show their employees wearing are rarely kept on for long once they get inside and start working. As with most places around New Town, the girls are often out of their clothes more than they are in them. Funny how that always seems to happen around this place.

But let's start at the beginning and not rush into things. We'll get to what the employees do soon enough. First let's start with what amenities the place has to offer. Which of these the member has access to depends on their ticket class. First Class ticket holders have access to all of them, Business Class ticket holders have access to most, Economy Class ticket holders are limited by what their sponsoring member has arranged, and Coach ticket holder have very limited access as guests only.

On the premises you have several fully stocked bars, two live stages for performances, an in-house movie theatre, a dance club, full-featured spa, gaming center, and a five-star restaurant. Most of these are available to all members for free, but some cost extra for Business Class ticket holders. All of these are top-notch and fully-staffed by expertly trained staff members.

The restaurant is the most amusing one to me. Everyone knows airline food is historically bad, so they have this five-star high-end restaurant draped in all the crappy trappings of an airline. Even going so far as to roll your food out in food carts and serving it on plastic trays.

The dance club is also fully stocked with lights, two bars, sitting areas, and numerous girls simply hired to look good and dance with the clients. In fact, dancing is one of the things nearly all the hires are tested on, since they will be spending time doing just that in this club.

Plus every guest gets a tiny bag of penuts.

Then there are the private suites. These are the rooms members can use for private engagements or even stay in for extended periods if they are willing to pay enough for them. Each room is unique, but still have that private jet look to them, including porthole windows that look out into a fake sky that changes from day to night as wanted.

Most of the suites include a large open living area, that usually include entertainment centers and enough seating for at least a dozen of people. Some of them have room for even more people, and sometimes multiple similar rooms to break of the flow of the area. They call these ones the party suites. They are made to work for large groups of people spending only a few hours at a time in them. They are not for long-term stays.

Most also usually have a smaller, although not tiny, bedroom with at least a queen-sized bed. Some of them also come with small kitchens, hot tubs, full-features bathrooms, and/or more. Which of these things the room comes with depends on what the room was designed to be used for.

As mentioned before, some of the rooms are basically only for parties and one-time gatherings, so they lack some of the longer-term amenities you would need to live in them. Others are designed to be rented out for vacations or even longer stays, so they have to have all the needed utilities of an apartment. What these rooms cost tend to be of the "if you have to ask, you can't afford it" variety.

The other thing most of these rooms come with are personal stewardesses. Sometimes more than one of them, but always at least one. These personal stewardesses are tasked with taking care of the room and all of the customer's needs. It's that second part that tends to lead to their uniforms usually being little more than the hat.

Also, the care for the rooms they provide is generally minimal, since there is a whole staff of maintenance and maid service personnel to handle the cleaning and repairing. The care they tend to take care of the smaller picking up of immediate issues, messes, and basic organization. They are also there to contact the larger staff to le them know when these other services would be needed.

Party suites often come with more than one girl for the duration of the events, with several of them acting more as servers than as accompaniment. The longer-tern living suites rarely have more than the one, both from a cost-effective perspective and quality of time reasons. Plus the extra training these personal stewardesses have to go through takes a lot of time and it would be hard to have more than one be active per suite at a time.

You'd be surprised how much they actually work with and train these fake stewardesses. It takes months before one of them is left on their own to work with a client in private. The training is in-depth and extensive. And I mean in-depth. They work the girls over and over to get them used to all manner of treatment.

Now let's talk about the staff that is hired to work at this place. Not just anyone gets hired, as the process is long and has multiple steps. Plus everyone who makes it through the first interview must sign a non-disclosure agreement that they are pretty stern about keeping up on. If you applied for a job with them and passed the first inspection, I would greatly advise against breaking it. They will sue or worse.

The few people inside that I have talked to were very clear about how I could not out them as my contacts at all. They were very serious about this. So, in this case I will be leaving names out of it, of both employees and customers. Also, the pictures you see here were smuggled out mostly by guests and not employees. I won't be giving out those names either

After the initial interview, where they determine if the candidate is a likely fit for the place, they are invited back for a series of further interviews and tests, which are followed by training sessions if they make it through. The training is all handled in-house and covers a wide variety of skill-sets and knowledge.

The first thing all new employees learn is how to dance. Dance training is very important to the club, especially with the female hires. The dancing they learn is mostly about showing off when alone and pleasing a partner during a couples dance. This is due to the fact that most female employees spend about half their time on the job dancing in the club. This is done to make the place seem far more active and busy all the time than it actually is. It's an image the club likes to uphold.

Another thing the employees are trained in is entertainment. Many of them are pulled aside to create little shows and skits to entertain the customers. Of course, most of these shows are little more than elaborate strip and sex shows, where multiple girls show off together with each other, often with music and toys. Spanking, stripping, sex toys, oral sex, kissing and more are all common elements in these shows.

Of course not all the entertainment they offer is done on these stages or are this hands-off. Some of the things they offer get far more interactive.

The most common form of casual entertainment performed at the club is not any of these I've mentioned before. It's the lap dance. Every female staff member is fully trained on the best way to perform all kinds of lap dances. From the most simple single-person clothing-on lap dance to the large and complicated naked multiple dancer version.

These can be asked for at nearly any time by any full member, which includes both Business Class and First Class ticket holders, no matter where they are. So all employees have to be ready to give at least the most basic kind at any time if they are asked to. The more advanced forms can also be arranged at nearly any time, but not all employees are qualified to perform them and may have to ask for others to come in and fulfill the request.

When multiple girls are giving a dance at the same time they are also instructed to interact with each other as part of the show. Kissing and licking, as well as letting hands wander over each other, are very common during these dances.

The customer's hands are allowed to explore the dancers during these dances, and there are no disallowed zones as you would find in most strip clubs around the country. The girls are trained to let the customers be as handsy as they want and even to encourage it if they are acting a little shy about it.

Another action that many of the girls are highly encouraged to accept as part of their duties is that of oral sex. Since most of the members are men, this means blow jobs. Any girls that agree to have this be part of their job are given a higher pay grade and more hours of they want them. Those who don't are often given lesser duties and have their hours cut back. As I said, they are highly encouraged to accept this as part of their duties.

This is also something that Business Class and First Class ticket holders can ask for at any time they want. Usually just from a single girl at any given time, although occasionally more than one at a time will be called for, which is a First Class ticket holder only deal. There is no actual limit to the number a single member can ask for during their time at the club, although even First Class ticket holders can't ask for more than three girls at once without a special compensation.

If one of staff members that have not accepted the higher position is asked they are to arrange it for them with one of the others immediately. Sometimes they will stick around to continue to perform other duties while the job is performed, but that depends on the situation and the will of the customer. Other times they will simply move along to some other duty while the person brought in continues to perform the acts the customer requested.

In addition to the normal accepted requests for oral sex that being a member allows, there can also be special compensations (usually paid extra for) that allow for other optional situations. This can include more than three girls at once, specific girls who don't regularly appear in the area they are in, or even many other special situations.

Of course, the place also offers the one last thing I bet you already know they offer. It's the most logical conclusion for the whole description I've given so far. That's right, The Mile High Club offers sex. It's really just a super fancy airline themed bordello.

As with the oral sex, staff members that are willing to go to this higher level of interactivity with clients are moved into a new pay grade level and given more important duties. Those who aren't willing are trained to call for those who are when these requests are made.

All First Class ticket holders are allowed to make a sex requests from one stewardess once per day with their membership. After that, or with any Business Class membership, any request of this kind requires extra compensation from the customer and authorization from the club management before being engaged in. Female customers can also make the same requests of male or female employees alike, although much of what they want from female employees can be achieved with the easier to receive oral sex requests.

Where these are allowed to take place is also more limited than with the lap dances or oral sex requests. Unlike those, sex is only allowed to happen in certain special locations that allow for such activity. The only generally open area that allows it is the dance club. Pretty much anything is allowed in there. Elsewhere you have special themed areas designed for it, including a cockpit, airline seating, bathroom, and of course the suites. Although the rest of the club is not considered open game for these kinds of activity, nearly anything can be arranged for a price.

As with oral sex requests, these are generally only allowed to be made of one employee at a time. When a customer wants to have more than one stewardess at a time, they also have to contact management and arrange further compensation. There is no actual maximum number allowed, although most members rarely ask for more than two or three a t time, unless they are having a party and the girls are for multiple guests.

Mind you, all of these more active activities are only for the higher-class ticket holders and their guests. They are not talked about outside the club and not shown to Coach Ticket guests. That helps keep these activities secret and ongoing.

So far all I've talked about are the special features and activities that this place allows for its Business Class and First Class ticket holders. Now let's talk about the overlooked classes: Economy Class and Coach.

Members of the club (First Class and Business Class ticket holders) are allowed to invite outsiders to the club with Economy Class tickets. These are special guest tickets that allow for access to prearranged areas of the club, usually including the restaurant, the dance club, and some of the common areas, as well as the Coach areas of the club. They also usually include access to a suite arranged by the club member who sponsored their ticket.

Economy Class ticket holders must visibly wear their ticket at all times, which are color coded and marked to easily show where they are allowed be. Any staff members finding such a ticket holder out of bounds is required to return to them to a common area and report it. Management will then look into the event and see if there is more to it than just a wrong turn. Those found purposefully going where they are not allowed will be asked to leave and banned from returning.

Twice a month Club opens a special section of the club to paying customers. This is the Coach section of the club. It's smaller and doesn't allow access to the rest of the club, but does give non-members a taste of what the club has to offer. At least what they want outsiders to see as the secrets of their club.

The place has two main areas, a simple tabled area where guests can play cards, get basic food and drinks, and enjoy the stewardesses in various stages of dress (and undress as the evening rolls on) as they are served. The second room is a small theatre where live shows are put on by the staff, although nothing as intimate or elaborate as what full members get to see all the time. Coach ticket holders are allowed to move between these two rooms as they wish, although food is only allowed in the one.

Once the evening is over, guests are escorted out in the typical airline manner, having had a fun evening and a small taste of the good life. This gains the club a little extra cash, a bit of a reputation, and occasionally a new membership request from the pool of Coach guests. Mind you, most of these are not accepted for one reason or another, but it's still one way the club can grow over time.

Whether or not you think this place is good or bad, nobody can argue that it's here to stay. In just the first few months, membership of the Mile High Club was more than enough to sustain it for years. As it keeps growing we should see expansion for years to come, and if you need a high paying job, they have them in spades... if you are willing and able.
Last modified on 2015/3/18 by TruthGirl
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