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Truth About Every Place Around Campus & Town

Although the university does give a brief overview of some places around campus and town, mostly in an attempt to help students find what they are looking for, they fail to tell the truth about what actually goes on at some of them. This section includes essays, stories, and documents that remedy that great oversight and tell you what really goes on. These are all listed in reverse post order, so the newest are always at the top.

Cheekie's Cafe: Cheekie's Special Dress Code – Learn what employees of Cheekie's have to deal with.
Double Down Cinema: Double Down's Special Rules – Learn about what really goes on in the dark of this movie house.
Foamie's Paradox: The Truth About Foamie's Paradox – Find out what goes on at this popular club, it's history, and why it's closing.
Greek Row: The Truth About the Greek Houses – Find out what each Sorority and Fraternity is really about.
Mile High Club: The Truth About the Mile High Club – Learn what goes on behind the doors of this private club downtown.
Topplander's Boutique: Shopping Rules of Topplander's – Learn what to expect when shopping here.

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