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The Adventures of Lisa

These wonderful stories about a student here, Lisa Connely, and her new friend and roommate, Kimberly Clarke, and their experiences at and around Central University are a wonderful example of what goes on here. I don't know who sends them in, other than their handle, and don't really care. They are a truth seeker, like me, and tell great tales about these students. As long as they come in I will be posting them here. The stories are posted here in the order I was asked to post them, which is chronological order.

Lisa Comes to College (about 1900 words) – Story about Lisa's first few days on campus.
Kimmy's New To Campus (about 2000 words) – Story about Kimmy's arrival on campus.
Freshman Orientation (about 4800 words) – Tale about what happens during the Orientation presentation.
The First Class (about 2200 words) – What happens during Lisa & Kimmy's first class?
Lisa's First Inspection (about 1700 words) – Lisa gets inspected on her way to lunch between classes.
The Trial of Lisa Connely (about 3400 words) – Lisa has her hearing before the student court.
A Binary Lesson (about 5800 words) – The girls of her math class are used for an example.
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