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The Danger of Hiding Panties Inside

One of the older tricks some of the girls around campus used to do before heading off campus was hiding panties where no inspector would find them. That way they could pull them out and slip them on before going wherever they were going to go, allowing them some extra dignity once they got there.

The practice was relatively common, but always kept hush hush so that the school inspectors didn't catch wind of it. New students would eventually learn the technique from older ones they were going out with, so it was able to get passed on from year to year. Plus, there were those who figured it out on their own along the way as well.

The technique was pretty simple. The girl would first prepare the panties, usually licking or even putting them fully in the mouth, so that they would be slightly moist. This made them easier to work with and smoother against the sensitive skin it will be pressed between. Straight water was usually avoided, as it didn't work as well as occasionally caused irritation as it dried out. Oil based lubricants were also avoided, as they would cause the panties to remain wet and slick for some time, even after being removed. The best thing seemed to be saliva, so that's what most girls used.

After preparing the panties, the girl would either wad them into a small ball or roll them into a small sausage-like roll, whichever was a size they were comfortable with. They would then usually lick or moisten the outside of this form one more time to make sure it slid in comfortably. The level of moisture on the outside of this form was more important the initial moistening, since this was where the most contact took place. Some girls even didn't bother with the first step and only moistened here, but that could cause problems if anything shifted or while being pulled out.

Once the object was ready they pushed it slowly into their pussy, often holding their lips open to make it easier, until it was either completely inside or all but a small sting of it was inside. A small strap edge or tie string is sometimes left hanging out or nearly hanging out to make removal easier, but this also leads to a greater risk of being caught. Some girls also like to moisten their vagina before starting to make it easier, either with some kind of lubricant or by simply playing around until their natural juices did the job.

Once fully inserted, the girl could walk around without any real visible signs of a | Dress Code violation and be relatively safe from inspectors, even if they suffer a normal inspection. Even moving around won't cause them to become dislodged and fall out, so there is little to worry about (unless they left a strap hanging out and it was noticed).

Then, when they are off school grounds and feel safe, they can reach between their legs and pull out the garment, which should comfortably slide out without much problem. Once removed they can be let air dry naturally or worn damp, but most girls seem to like to lick off any excess juices and then swing them from her hand for a little while to let them air dry faster. Either way, they can be worn off campus as much as the girl wants, giving them the extra sense of coverage they wanted, and put back in hiding before heading back on campus.

As you can see from the picture to the right, once inserted fully they can be nearly impossible to see from any inspection angle, even if the girl is made to present her pussy. It's only when she has to spread the lips that the panties will become more likely visible, which was not allowed during an inspection until the new change in procedures happened.

This perfect procedure for gaining some inexpensive and relatively safe modesty off campus was used by many generations of girls around campus until just recently. The secret was kept amazingly quiet for years, but is now known by the school and the inspectors, putting an end to its practice.

Some girls may not be aware of this change, although it was mentioned in the school paper, and still attempt to get away with it, but that's not the real problem the change is going to cause is wider than that. Now every inspection can include causing the inspected girl to pull open her pussy lips for the inspector (and everyone there) to see. They have to do this for as long as the inspector determines is necessary, which is an arbitrary amount of time (like the rest of the inspection).

The worst part is that there is no way to get out of it. Even if you choose the physical inspection option, where the inspector doesn't necessarily removing any of your clothing but gets to fondle you all they want under your clothing, you can't avoid an increased problem in this area. The inspectors performing a physical inspection are allowed to completely ignore the normal restrictions on groping and actually insert their fingers into the girl as far as they feel is necessary to ascertain if they are hiding anything inside or not. So either way you are still going to be further violated.

So lets take a look at how this new procedure is going to work.

First, the full main part of the inspection will go on as usual, most often leaving the inspected completely naked in the process.

Then the inspected girl will be made to lie down on the ground, or sit back on a bench if one is available, and spread her legs as far open as she can.

She will then be made to pull open her pussy lips and hold them that way as the inspector takes a look inside. He may even tell her to open wider so he can see more into her. If inspected girl refuses, the inspector can ask for help from the crowd to hold her down and pull her lips open for her.

If something is seen, the inspector will tell them to remove it. If they refuse, the inspector is allowed to go in and pull it out themselves. If the inspected girl struggles, the inspector can ask for help from those watching, so it's best to just go ahead and pull it out if told to.

Once removed, the panties are to remain held by the inspected girl until the inspector asks for them to be handed to them. Some will ask to have them cleaned off a little before they are handed to them. The inspected girl will be expected to lick them clean if there is nothing adequate around to clean them in.

Once they are acceptably clean, the inspector will ask for them to be handed to them and complete the inspection. Since this is a violation, the inspector will most likely also confiscate the rest of their clothing and take it all in as evidence. The inspected girl will then be allowed to go on her way, with a citation and order to make a court date.

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