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The Truth About the Greek Houses

Some of the most sought after living quarters on campus are in the Greek Houses. Not only do you get to live in a large nice house with relatively few others (rarely more than 30), but you get to be part of a family like organization made of like-minded students and you gain useful contacts through a vast network of former members. It all sounds too good to be true, but it's not. It does however come with a few catches, the main one being what pledges are put through during the | hazing process, but most seem to think they are worth the trouble.

If you too think that sounds ideal, and you don't mind a little embarrassment to get it, the only question you may have is what house to choose. That's what this little truth guide is about. Don't buy the type from the college or even the stuff each house will tell you, that's jut the blush on the rose. You want the truth about what they have to offer and that's what I'm all about. The following goes into each of the currently active houses (Greek Row first and then Off Campus, the same order as on the school's official list) and what they are really like.

Alpha Beta Zeta House (Fraternity)
This is one of the most popular of the Fraternities, and often ends up leading the Greek Council (along with its sorority pair, Iota Eta Pi), but in order to be a member of this house you pretty much have to be here on a sports scholarship of some kind. Some lucky few get in just by showing great skill once they get here through other means, but nobody gets in that isn't a jock. They claim this isn't the case, as this kind of exclusion would be against the school charter, but everyone knows it's true.

The hazing process in the house contains a lot of suggested homosexuality and forcing of self-humiliation. The process is relatively mild compared to some houses, but seems to bother a lot of the jocks who try to join. I think it has to do with the fact that it makes then question their sexuality.

The house they have is two stories and can house around 30 students comfortably. It has a half basketball court behind the house and a large basement.

Iota Eta Pi House (Sorority)
Usually simply referred to the Cheerleader House, this sorority is pretty much made up of cheerleaders and some other female athletes. Although they don't tend to aspire to leadership, their alignment with the Alpha Beta Zeta fraternity often lands them on the Greek Council. Also, just as with the Alpha Beta Zetas, they claim they don't only accept jocks and cheerleaders, but everyone knows they really do.

The hazing process in this house is usually made up of all sorts of nudity and public exposure. They also tend to have a lot of internal activities that haven't completely come out, but I can pretty much guarantee that they also include a lot of nudity and touching, if not more. There have been many reports of all sorts of group activities where the girls get naked and do thing with each other as part of it too.

The house itself has three stories and can comfortably house around 30 students. It also has a hot tub, small pool, and large patio out back.

Delta Gamma Rho House (Sorority)
If you want to make it fairly easily into a house, just be a part of a house, then this is most likely the house you can get into if you don't already have an in at any of the others. They are accepting of pretty much any girl and their hazing process is not very intensive, so it mostly comes down to whoever they think will fit at the time. If not enough girls apply, then all of them usually get in. If you are looking for a great fun party college experience, then this is really not the house for you, as they mostly just study and do your typical girly things.

As mentioned above, the hazing here is your pretty standard college fare. There is a lot of mild humiliation, some public but most private, and the final paddling, but overall it's not all that much to do.

The house is a pretty large two story piece and can comfortably fit up to 40, but rarely more than 30 students are ever living there at one time.

Nu Chi Xi House (Sorority)
Usually simply called Asian House, this is one of the few houses that is allowed to restrict its membership to a certain type. This is due to some unfair rules regarding minorities and exchange students, but it does allow for this amazing house to exist, so I can't really complain. All members of the house are of some kind of Asian decent, usually Japanese, Korean, or Chinese, but it isn't limited to those by a long shot. The house mother is able to speak seven languages and is knowledgeable in most eastern cultures, so being understood is not a problem here.

The most recognizable part of the Hazing (and many house functions) is the uniform they make their members wear. It's a rather skimpy version of the classic schoolgirl uniform, with pleated micro-miniskirt and white top. They also occasionally make them wear other stereotypical Asian costumes, but those are usually only for certain hazing activities.

The house is two stories, designed to hold around 25 students comfortably, and has a fairly simple dorm style construction. Although pretty basic, it has all the amenities you need on site, so there is no need to go out for laundry or food.

Kappa Kappa Nu House (Fraternity)
If there is an alpha dog house on campus it would come down to two possible leaders, depending on who's in charge. The Alpha Beta Zetas and this house. Although they deny it at every turn, if only to keep their charter, this house is home to only the highly connected rich and privileged guys who come to this school. These guys are loaded and come from long family lines of wealthy people. Most of them are legacy and the only new students they accept are those who already have connections before coming to the school. Don't even bother pledging unless you already have an in.

Although everyone already knows who is going to get in each semester, they still torture the hell out of the pledges. The hazing lasts longer than most of the other fraternities and mostly consists of treating the pledges like the hired help or worse. They make them dress incredibly silly and force them to do all the house work and wait on the higher members of the house.

The house is one of the nicest on the campus and is completely decked out with everything anyone could want. It rarely has more than 30 people living in the three stories of the place, even though it could easily hold more.

Lambda Sigma Upsilon House (Fraternity)
This is another house that is allowed to discriminate because of unfair laws that were actually designed to protect against discrimination, go figure. This is the Fraternity for black students, most of whom are actually a little better off than the rest of their "brothers" on campus. They do, however, hold some of the absolute best dance parties on campus, and if you are a white girl who likes to dance you don't want to miss them.

Out of all the houses, the hazing that goes on here is actually what most would consider the tamest. It mostly consists of fulfilling a number of simple, fun, and sometimes a little underhanded tasks, but if they actually go through with them they will get some tail and make some money for the house along the way.

The house is actually pretty swanky and holds about 30 students comfortably, but most of the house money seems to have gone into the sound system for the main "party" floor. It's up there in pretty good club quality.

Mu Theta Mu House (Sorority)
Ah, yes, the Mom house. This is another one that's relatively easy to get into if you find yourself in a certain situation. In fact, it's not really a true Sorority in the classic sense, since it even takes new members throughout the year. The main criteria for becoming a member of this house is to had a kid, or at least be pregnant with a kid on the way. They are subsidized by the school and some local organizations to help their members with the needs of student singer mothers.

Although not technically a true sorority in the classic sense, they do still haze their members when they join. Most of this depends on what state the pledge is in, as pregnant girls get different hazing tasks than those already with kids. Nearly all of them, however, will involve exposing themselves in various way, especially the pregnant ones.

The house has 25 actual apartments within its three stories, each with room for at least two young kids to live comfortably with their mom. They also have in house nurseries and day care service for them the girls have to go to class or occasionally when they want to go out.

Beta Nu Tau House (Fraternity)
As the partner to the Delta Gamma Rho sorority, this house is the easiest fraternity to get into if you don't already have an in to one of the others. So if you aren't a big jock, super nerd, serious artist, or filthy rich, this is the best place to try and get into. Although they tend to get more applicants trying to join then they can accept, they still have the highest acceptance ratio of any house and the largest number of usable beds in the house. All you really have to do is get along with everyone and make it through the hazing to get in.

Even though they are a very inclusive and friendly house, they do tend to have a kind of hefty hazing process to weed out their numbers some. Rather than having to turn away as many people as they would, they like to push the hazing a bit farther and have more drop out of the running, saving them from having to do it.

The house itself is a quite large three story number, with room to house 45 students comfortably (even though most of the members have to share a room with a roommate). They also have some rather nice group areas for studying, gaming, and parties, as well as a higher bathroom to bedroom quotient than any other fraternity.

Omega Delta Phi House (Sorority)
If you have money and demand power, this is the house for you. Along with their partner house, the Kappa Kappa Nu fraternity, these girls are all the daughters of wealthy and powerful families. They are mostly pretty much evil spoiled bitches who treat everyone else like shit while backstabbing each other, but you do not want to get on their bad side because they will team up to wreck you bad. It surprises most people how fast they can pull together, even in the middle of a huge catfight between themselves.

Since they are rather vindictive bitchy girls, they also have some of the most public and embarrassing hazing out there. Nearly all pledges are forced to spend entire days, sometimes a whole week, wearing nothing but body paint. Most of the girls force their pledges to perform chores naked or wearing very little, and some even say "service" the senior members from time to time. Groping, fondling, and masturbations displays are also a big part of their hazing.

The house is most likely the nicest house on the row, complete with individual rooms for upwards of 30 girls, many with private baths. They also have large community rooms, like the den, game room, and sitting room. Behind the house is a small pool with built in hot tub.

Pi Delta Xi House (Sorority)
This is the partner house of the Lambda Sigma Upsilon fraternity, being the only all black sorority on campus. These sistas know how to party and nobody wants to miss out when they throw a bash. Well, unless you have racial issue you make public. Then you might want to avoid going anywhere near the place. If you happen to be a black woman who wants to belong to a great group of fun partiers, then you really should pledge, but you should be aware that this is one of the more popular houses and gets far more applicants than they can handle.

With a large number of pledges to play with they tend to have a lot more group hazing activities than private ones. They also like to make a lot of them contests, pitching pledges against each other for spots of honor or simply the right not to suffer a penalty. You really don't want to miss pledge contest parties.

The house is nice, but smaller than most of the others, being only one story. It still houses upwards of 25 girls comfortably, but doesn't have as many community areas as some of the houses do, just two large multi-purpose rooms and good sized kitchen.

Omicron Sigma Omega House (Fraternity)
If you just came to school to party, do drugs, drink, and have lots of meaningless sex, then this is the house for you. Often called the Party House or the Slacker House, these guys spend most of their days finding new ways to avoid responsibility and get their freak on. Although alcohol and drugs are both firmly banned on campus, these guys always seem to have a good supply of them for every party, yet never get caught when them by campus security. Some think they have magic abilities, because there is no other way to explain how they pull it off. Their naked parties are ones NOT to miss.

Although they do haze their pledges, it's hard to tell when that ends and their normal daily goofing off and messing with each other begins. All of it tends to involve drugs, alcohol, nudity, and causing casual trouble on campus.

The house is fairly good sized and has a (usually empty) pool out back, but is not really kept up well and shows how slovenly the inhabitants are. Still, it easily holds around 25 guys and only about half of them have to share rooms.

Zeta Sigma Psi House (Fraternity)
Ever seen Revenge of the Nerds? This is not that house, but they really would love to be that cool. These are the real nerds of the school, who all program computers, do really well in classes, and play D&D for days on end. If that sounds good to you, then you most likely will get into their house. If you actually like parties that don't involve LANs or a cleric, then this is most likely not the place for you. At least they keep to themselves.

What they call hazing usually involves some kind of high tech programming challenge and winning at marathon strings of video games. Not really anything anyone else gives a shit about seeing.

The house is rather large and nice though, with the absolute best network and internet connection on campus (even better than most of the education buildings). The building has room for upwards of 35 nerds.

Phi Chi Pi House (Sorority)
It seems that most of the houses have some kind of unifying theme for their members, and this one is no different. All of the members of this house are somehow involved in the arts, be it physical or performance, and new applicants are judged on their involvement in the arts (even though they deny it). Along with their normal Greek activities, the girls of this Art House often put on shows, exhibits, and other art related events. Even their parties are usually somehow tied to their art performances.

When hazed at Art House you usually end up as part of one of their projects, although in the most embarrassing or difficult way possible. Living billboards walking around campus, performance piece subjects, and human canvas are just some of the things their pledges are made to do.

The two-story house has room for 25 students with private rooms, as well as a few working studios they share and a large workshop in the basement. The yard is also full of sculpting projects and a large kiln.

Sigma Tau Nu House (Sorority)
This house made news recently by adopting a new dress code that nobody expected. Now known as Bottomless House, these girls never wear bottoms of any kind, including dresses. This has made this house both popular and avoided by many potential pledges. Some love the idea of the freedom, while others don't want to walk around exposed like that all the time. Overall, they don't get as many pledges as they used to, but the one they do get really want to be a part of their new philosophy. Also, when you get to dance at their parties you are expected to touch, so don't miss them.

Hazing among the bottomless almost seems pointless, but they find ways to make it fun and enjoyable for the sisters, while embarrassing and difficult on the pledges. Many of them seem to involve either inserting toys or placing themselves in places where they would be exposed to the groping rules a lot. There also seem to be a lot of groping in house a well.

The house is actually a pretty large two-story number, with enough room for around 30 students and four bathrooms. They also have a few good shared rooms, a large basement they turned into a dance hall, and the largest home theater outside of the Nerd House.

Gamma Phi Epsilon House (Fraternity)
These guys are the other half of the art houses, along with Phi Chi Pi, and are located right next door, allowing them to do group projects very easily. Unlike most Fraternities, this house happens to have a fairly large gay membership and doesn't discriminate against that kind of activity. They often put on shows of all kinds, from art shows to performance pieces. They aren't known for large parties, as they leave that up to their sorority counterpart, but they are quite popular for their artistic endeavors.

Just as with the sorority, those hazed at this house usually end up as part of one of the older member's projects, usually in the most embarrassing or difficult way possible.

The actual house can easily hold around 25 students, each with a private room, and has a good number of workshops and group studios to do larger projects in.

Sigma Xi Chi House (Sorority)
This is the first off-campus Greek House accepted by the school board and is officially accepted as a member of the Greek Council in all ways. Since it's not located on campus, this house doesn't have to follow the rules of those found on campus, which means they can openly get away with alcohol in house (for of age students only, of course) and having a wider selection of house rules that can go against campus rules. As such, they tend to have a lot more openly sexual activity as part of their events and parties, as well as just house activities.

When you pledge this house, you will be expected to perform many acts, including sexual ones. Oral skill tests on both sexes are required of all, sometimes more than once, and both vaginal and anal sex are often brought into the proceedings. Basically, pledges are expected to become the stud dolls of the older members until the pledging ends.

The house holds about 20 students comfortably, and several more when they have their partners over the night. The place also has a large deck and hot tub, as well as a full bar off their living room. Parties here often turn into orgies, so they turned the basement into a large sexual playroom.

Mu Alpha Nu House (Fraternity)
Soon after the first off-campus sorority was founded, this house was opened to be its partner on the council. These guys are happy to be used as part of their partner house's pledge hazing and love to throw parties with all the girls of all the other houses over. They are mostly about partying and getting their rocks off as much as possible, so if you like getting a lot of tail, you might want to pledge this house.

Pledges of this house are embarrassed and teased (often with the help of the Sigma Xi Chi girls) to the point of insanity, since they are not allowed to pleasure themselves through the entire process. Those who fail and pleasure themselves during the process are given even worse punishment.

The house is slightly smaller than the Sigma Xi Chi one, and doesn't have the hot tub, but does still hold around 20 students. They do have a large bar in their basement.
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