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Welcome to my lair inside the servers of Central U. This is where you will find the truth, in the form of documentation and stories about the real people that have passed through the doors of this school and town. Nothing here is tainted by the spin-doctors the University employs to make their bizarre arrangements sound reasonable. Nothing here hides behind the rules and laws. Nothing is here but the truth.

True Tales From The Trenches

When you really want to know what happens in the world, listen to the stories the people really involved tell about it and not what the news reports or what the government says. History is written by the victors and those in charge, not the people. Listen to the people and you will know the truth. These sections will tell you the truth through tales and stories of those who live or lived through them.

The Adventures of Lisa (text only)
Someone decided to document the experiences of one young girl coming to this school. Lisa Connely is that girl. Learn about Central University and all that happens here through watching her discover them. When these started coming in from the anonymous source I was spellbound by their breadth and accuracy. As long as they keep coming in I will keep posting them.

Spotlight Stories (images included)
The University posts spotlights about several of its Staff Members, Student Body, and occasional Alumni. These are watered down puff pieces written to make the school look good to outsiders. They do not tell the truth, but I attempt to remedy this through exposing the truth behind them through my own discoveries and stories about those being written about.

Other Stories of CUNT (some with images)
In addition to those groups listed above, there are other stories about the people and life here at Central U. These stories give more insight into what goes on behind the academic front of this place. Tales of horrible mistreatment and great victories over adversity can be found here, but mostly just stories about the truth.

Stories From The Forums (links to forum posts)
New students and visitors to the campus that visit our forums to tell their experiences may get linked here if they are good enough, especially if they expose some of crap that goes on around here. These are not written by our usual informers, but real people just like you.

If you want a complete list of all stories and essays, in reverse order of which they posted, click here: | Dated Story List

Exposing the Truth Behind The Veils

The school likes to put forth a pretty face, but not everything is wine and roses. The truth about the school is that there is a dark side found opposed to the light. There is also a bright side that even the school doesn't speak of because it doesn't fit into their idea of class and perfection. These sections expose those areas and tell you the truth behind the words they use.

Truth About The Codes & School Policies (many images)
The university puts forth this air of dignity and class in all they express trying to create through the codes. This is a lie. Most of the codes are nothing more than excuses for acts of cruelty, humiliation, and cheap gratification of whims. They also make a number of odd rules and other creations that are not what they claim to be either. You want to learn the truth behind what the codes, rules, and creations actual become, read these essays and documents.

Truth About Places (most with images)
The school's academic leadership is not the only place where these rules exist and have been twisted to create unfair environments. Other places around campus, as well as around town, house rules, codes, and events that also need to be exposed. These stories and essays tell the truth about them as well.

Truth About Other Things (some with images)
The codes and other rules are not all that needs to be discussed and exposed. There are all sorts of other things, from actual items to special games and rules, that need to be explained and exposed. Some of these are just for fun, but others are things we need to make sure you know about.

Who Is This TruthGirl?

All you ever need to know about me is that I exist and will always tell you the truth about what goes on here at Central U. I will always simply be known as and nothing more. My real identity will never come to light. Just understand that I know this place well and have hacked into most of its systems, to gain access to all the information they have, both public and private. I have to be careful about how I work, so there may be times that I have to disappear underground for a while. Never fear, they won't stop me and they can't hide the truth forever. As long as there is truth to be know, there will be TruthGirl.

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Use the section name links above to go to the listed sections and read all there is to know about Central University of New Town, or jump around as you choose using my little menu hack off the left. In order to keep things as hidden as I can, I've made sure that my menu hack doesn't show up in the main site. I have put my little message hidden throughout the site for those who want them. Just hover over any text I have tinted (and some images) to see what I have to say about what they have to say. There are also some of my symbols hidden throughout the site, including the one in the menu bar (above the search box) that will take you directly here or some other section inside my site related to the page you were on.

I am everywhere, but the less I interfere on the main site, the more I can get away with. I think this was my mistake before and why they reset everything on the server and did the overhaul. This time I am going to keep a lower profile and keep most of my stuff over here in my section, hidden away from their eyes. If I keep hacking the main page and changing their bullshit facts, they will keep improving their defenses and changing it back. This way you can still get the truth and I don't have to work as hard (or constantly) to keep it out there.
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