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Stories From the Forums of Central University of New Town

New students and visitors to the campus that visit our forums to tell their experiences may get linked here if they are good enough, especially if they expose some of crap that goes on around here. These are not usually written by our usual informers, but real people just like you. If you want to be considered for linking here, get to writing and telling your stories in the Forums.

An Afternoon in Court – Kenny tells the story of his day watching three cases in student court unfold before him.
At the Study Break Party – Leon and others share stories about what went on at the impromptu Study Break party.
The Bathroom Hole Incident – Angela tells the story of what happened in her bathroom stall, involving the bathroom holes.
Beach Trip – Jessie and her friends share the stories and pictures of their day trip to the beach during a hot summer day.
Clothing Drive Winners Party – Gina tells all the dirt on what went down at the party the cheerleaders threw for the winners of the clothing drive.
Delta Gamma Rho Pledge Party – Sisters and bystanders all enjoy the party as the pledges are tested in numerous ways.
Delta Gamma Rho Queen of the Party Contest – Leon recounts the Queen of the Party game that happened at the big party.
Freshman Freakout – Hope Atkins tells the tale of her first experiences on campus and the trouble getting her correct ID.
Freshman Karen Loses Bet – Beth shares a story she learned about her nemesis, Karen, losing a bet in her freshman year of high school.
A Freshman's Tale – Alison begins her story about her first days on campus, experiencing new things and people.
A Freshman's Tale: Chapter 2 – Alison continues her story about what happened to her when she came to school for the first time.
A Freshman's Tale: Chapter 3 – Alison continues her story about what happened to her when she came to school for the first time.
Hope's Beach Trip – Forced nudist, Hope Hopkins tells the story about her beach vacation with some of her friends and the fun and trouble they got into.
Hope's Visit to Campus – Forced nudist, Hope Hopkins and others tells the story of her visit to campus as she prepares to start her post high school education.
How we won the big game and lost a bet – Beth tells the tale of how her Cheer Squad spurred the team on to win by losing a bet.
Judgement Day for Erin – Megsy tells us what happened to Erin at and after her trial for the dress code violation she suffered during a photo shoot.
Lesbian Society Annual Show-night a great success – Linda describes how a hypnosis demonstration goes farther than expected.
My Holiday At Home – Ashley tells the story of her trip home for the holidays after her family found out what her school was like.
My Hearing – Angela tells her side of the story about what happened when she believes she was unfairly put on trial.
Our trip to the water park – A father tells of his trip to the water park with his three naughty daughters and the trouble they get into.
Preparing for CentralU – Anna from Germany tells us of how she prepared to come to Central U by practicing with her friends.
Report #1- Being offered the job – Neil Paleo is given an unusual proposition when he applies for housing and work study.
Rock Bottom's Submission Test – Four girls have their bottoms tested to see if they can get into the club for free.
The Tale of a Shut-in Freshman – Wayne tells the story of his freshman year as he strives to come out of his shell share more with others.
An Unnexpected Christmas Encounter – Megsy tells us about a little surprise encounter she had while in the tropics for Christmas vacation.
Unexpected Cowgirl Inspection – Daisy tells the story of how she got inspected when she least expected it.

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