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The Truth About Foamie's Paradox

Before I start telling all the secrets about the place, let me get into a little history about the club itself. Before there was a Foamie's Paradox in New Town, or even a twinkle of the idea in someone's eye, Harold Trippilo was a student going to Central University. Harold enjoyed his time here, involving himself in many of the clubs and local events the place has to offer. He was also a frequent visitor to The Rubicon Room, a popular club during his time here (it closed down almost ten years ago and Rock Bottoms is located where it used to be), which was managed by a young man named James Burgman.

After graduating with a business degree, Harold went to work for The Rubicon Room and struck up a friendship with Harold. When the owners pulled out of the club and let it close down, the two of them decided to start some venture of their own. Unsure what it would be, but knowing the field they wanted it to be in, they traveled to all the largest party towns around the states (and several international ones) to see what was hot and trending out there.

After visiting several big Spring and summer break party spots they saw that most of them had highly successful foam party nights during them. Large foam generating machines would pour massive amounts of light bubbles and foam down on the dance floor during the party and everyone was going crazy in it. They knew they had found their hook and just had to see what it would take to take it to the next level. They saw that most of these clubs rented the machines for these special events, and none of them held them very often (due to the massive clean-up costs needed afterwards).

James and Harold sought to find a way to make it work on a regular basis by creating the club from the ground up to be designed for the foam. This would allow them to make it easy to clean every day and help protect them and their clientele from injuries and problems. They would make the theme of the new club the foam itself, making sure the main area of the club was the focus of (although having some relatively foam-free side areas to sit and watch or have drinks without risk of contamination).

The next thing they had to do was decide where they wanted to start their new joint venture and it didn't take them long to decide on going back to New Town. They even considered renting out the space their former employer had used for The Rubicon Room, but they decided it was not the right fit for their plans. Instead they found a location that was less developed and allowed them to build out whatever they wanted inside without having to demolish too much of what was there before. The original design had the main dance floor (lowered to hold the foam) and the walkways around the edges of the "Foam Pit" where both bars and the main observation areas were.

Above the floor was a thin maintenance walkway that allowed access to the two large foam machines above the dance floor. They were positioned to dump the foam into the center of the floor, with little splash or blowback onto the edges or into the raised DJ booth on the far end. They did numerous test runs of the machines, and their cleaning methods (which used the house sprinkler systems and drains built into the floors) to make sure everything was working the way they wanted. According to James, it actually worked better than they had planned.

With everything ready, the new club was ready to open and only needed a name. Harold, thinking back to some of favorite science classes and his interest in the SETI project, was reminded of Fermi's Paradox and thought the pun Foamie's Paradox would be great. James needed a little convincing, but as no other names came to mind as the opening date grew closer, he went with it and Foamie's Paradox was born.

"Besides," Harold was once quoted as saying in an interview, "It's not like we see many signs of intelligent life among the college kids on our dance floor, so it just seems to fit."

Foamie's Paradox opened at the start of Spring Break that year to an incredible amount of fanfare. The weather was unusually warm for the season and more students ended up staying around campus for the break than usual, so the turn-out was incredible. The idea that they could get out of the heat, into some cool bubbles, and experience a completely new style of club was too much to pass up. Although they have had some events that matched it in attendance, none have ever truly surpassed that opening week party at the club.

As was to be expected (since the club is located in the Pacific Northwest and the weather tends to trend on the cooler side), the overall general attendance at the club was highest during the spring and summer and nearly dropped off to nothing in the cold winter months. As such, the club only opened for Friday and Saturday nights during the winter and fall months. After several years, Famie's Paradox was even known to completely close down for all of January and February, rather than try to run with such skeletal attendance. Most of this was planned for and worked into the budgeting of the club.

After a few years of regular summer attendance growth, the club expanded out, adding several side rooms, the VIP lounge, another bar, and building the balcony viewing area over the dance floor (including the new bar up there too). They also added the main stage (where the old sitting and viewing area used to be) and a large backstage area for performers to prepare. Each of these expenses was built using profits and carefully planned out based on their current revenue and not projected increases they would potentially bring in. Harold's business degree and James' business experience were allowing them to keep on top of their plans, without letting it run away from them.

Unfortunately, all their business skills and the fun party atmosphere could not foresee the trouble coming. First there was the national (and world wide to some extent) financial crisis that hit everyone in every business pretty hard. Then there were the extra long and severe back to back winters and mild summers between them. More than anything else, this hit Foamie's Paradox extra hard. Attendance dropped to nearly half what it had been during the same season in earlier years.

James and Harold struggled to keep the doors open and tried numerous things to get the people back in, but none of them worked well enough to save the suffering finances of the club. As a result, earlier this year they made a public announcement (after rumors started to circulate) saying that the club was going to close down after the summer season ended. But that they were going to go out with a blast, having lots of huge events and parties.

Now let's get into some of the specifics about the place and perhaps some secrets that didn't even know about. It's time to tell the truth about Foamie's Paradox before they are gone for good.

One of the first traditions they started (dating back to their original opening events) were their special "Foam Fights" contests. They would choose from volunteers in the crowd (usually all female) and pit them in one on one wrestling matches in the smaller padded "foam pool" area of the club. The contest was really little more than an excuse to watch some hot girls wrestle around and often strip each other. What you may not know is that they actually slipped in some special extra-slick soap into the foam mix for these events, making sure none of the girls could get a good hold on each other. That made grabbing at the clothing a much more viable option, since they could grip it easier.

They also started to add other contests and events as the years went on, including the Foamwear Fashion Shows (where contestants would mold costumes out of nothing but the thicker shaping foam they were given) and the random "Sippery Pig" Prize contests (where slicked up plastic balls were released into the foam and the first person to be able to get them into the basket on stage would win the prize they represented).

Although all these contests and events were always popular, the main reason people came was to dance and have a great time in a generally unique and fun environment.

Originally, Foamie's would have so much foam on the dance floor that you would only be able to see the heads and shoulders of most dancers. This meant that what they were doing with their hands and even bodies were relatively well hidden from view. This got a lot of people to be far more outgoing than they might have on a more well-lit or open dance floor. When you can't see the fact that their pants have come off or their skirts are pulled up their waist, it's way easier to get your partner to go along with these things.

As such, nudity on the dance floor before a far more common thing at Foamie's than any other club in town (and that's saying a lot for this town). On some nights it was shocking to see more than just a few fully dressed people at all, and occasionally it would spread like wildfire and everyone in the place would end up naked without exception. Even the staff would go along with it at times, especially when the whole place was heading that direction. What most didn't know was that it was in their contracts that they would have to strip down if a certain percentage of nudity was reached among the clientele.

What I actually find kind of shocking is that this trend of being relaxed about exposure brought on by the foam being so high that it gave a sense of privacy didn't change when the club lowered it's level of foam usage (mostly due to having to spread it through more areas and saving on expenses). The dance floor was no longer nearly neck-high in foam (sometimes barely being knee-high), but most of the regular attendees continued to act like it was. They would shed clothing and fool around as if they still couldn't be seen.

That general atmosphere is the one thing about the place I'm going to miss more than anything else.

Of course that attitude and perception of privacy didn't stop with the loss of clothing. Foamie's was a place where you would often see various acts of casual sex going on throughout the place. The dance floor mostly sees lots of groping, fingering, hand-jobs, and the like, it's the side rooms and halls that saw things get far more heavy and active most of the time. It is not usual to witness blow-jobs, cunnilingus, or even full on sexual penetration going on in these side area, even when the foam is nothing but traces stuck their bodies and the ground.

It also seems that many of the locals (non-college attending people) tend to get just as into the relaxed and fun atmosphere in the place, participating far more than they generally do at most other establishments around town. Usually it's the locals watching what the college kids do as entertainment, but Foamie's seems to bring them in on the fun more directly for some reason. It's hard to clearly tell who is who (other than by obvious clothing that would not fly on campus) at the club and everyone is treated as equals.

Unlike some of the other clubs and businesses around town, Foamie's never uses this willingness to perform sexually explicate acts that many college students seem to posses as something to exploit in their events or contests. Although many of their events are extremely sexy, they are never designed to be nothing more than a free strip and fuck show for the locals, and locals often get just as involved in them as the college students do. It's truly a unique experience in New Town and one that will be missed.

This lack of pressure to perform sexually by the club certainly doesn't stop a lot of those attending from still putting on quite amazing shows on their own. It's not unusually to see a few couples get into a contest of their own (just as private bet) to see who can go the longest before blowing as they screw their girlfriends in one of the side rooms. Similar bets are made between girls to see who can get a guy off by blowing them the fastest. There is never a lack of sexy side bets going on because people are getting frisky, crazy, drunk, and horny.

There are also those groups (often groups of girls) who decide to just put on a show to show off for showing off's sake. They might bring in toys or even allow for outside participants to join in at some level, but they never seem to have a lack of an audience as they fuck around in the foam. These shows are not at all sponsored or initiated by the club, but they are more than willing to give them any support they need to keep them safe while they do them. Bouncers are often at the ready to assist if any of these groups request help wit unruly or troublesome drunks trying to get involved where they shouldn't.

Personally I think it's the fact that many of these exhibitionist performers have moved on to Rock Bottom's (a popular up and coming club in town) during the cooler months and found it somewhat welcoming to their style of showing off (if not as completely open to it as Foamie's is), has caused many of them to stay away in recent years. With fewer of these shows going on, and people learning of them going on at other clubs, a number of regulars may have shifted to where the shows were now going on, leading to the further decline in club attendance.

Lastly, there was always the common sight around town around two in the morning when the club would start shutting down (actual closing time was 4 am, but they started to close parts down earlier to slowly weed people out). You would see dozens of people walking together in groups, usually mostly naked and always still covered in foam remnants (those who participated in one of the Fashion shows usually had more stuck to them still, since that foam lasted longer and was thicker), as they made their way back home or to their next destinations.

Unlike nearly every other location in town, Foamie's was famous for flooding the streets with naked (or nearly so) young adults in the wee hours of the night. There are even those locals who stay or get up just to watch the migration as they go by on certain big summer nights. This will be a sight that I think everyone who has witnessed it will miss.

After the place closes down each night, the cleaning crew turns on the sprinkler system and washes down the place, clearing it of all foam. Usually the staff does this in the nude, allowing them to clean off the foam and sweat of the evening as well. They then clean up anything lying around, throwing out the trash and donating any clothing than is still salvageable to local aid organizations. A fairly substantial amount is actually donated from them each evening.

Finally, although there is no chance to save it (it will be closing down not matter what happens in the summer according to James and Harold), I think everyone should go out and enjoy Foamie's Paradox while it still exists. It's more than worth it. I will truly miss the place.
Last modified on 2014/5/31 by TruthGirl
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