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The Truth About Double Down Cinema

The old Downtown Cinema underwent a change in management last year when the former owners couldn't keep it running up against the giant corporate theaters. The old model was dead and there was nothing they could think of to do, so they sold the company to a group of people who thought they had a way to make it work. The new owners closed the doors for a month to renovate and put their plans into action, reopening under the new name of Double Down Cinema.

The main gimmick they publicly pushed was the idea of every movie being a double feature every day. They picked a wide variety of movies, ranging from simple fare like silly comedies and animated adventures to the really avant-garde stuff of independent filmmakers and foreign films. They mixed the most recent releases with older movies, sometimes even pulling out the classics of decades past.

They liked to mix things up by making the double features connected through ideas or themes, rather than genre or sequels (most of the time). That meant you might see a modern American comedy mixed with violent dramatic film both containing a clown protagonist. They didn't even shy away from the fringe movies, delving into showing adult movies and controversial documentaries.

The other major change they made was a strict no children rule in most of the shows. Since they were going to mix such diverse fare, they didn't want to worry about kids seeing something they shouldn't or worrying about mixing like ratings together so kids could see movies here. They do plan to still have Saturday matinee children's double features starting at ten in the morning, but other than these special cases, no kids are allowed in the theater. The kids matinees end around two in the afternoon and the theater then reopens around five for the adult showings.

This allows the people to feel more comfortable in the adult environment, openly showing affection without worry of scarring some children or upsetting parents. In fact, the theater has a very permissible attitude towards displays of affection in the theater. They even have "PDAs Allowed" signs posted at the entrances. The only rule is that people shouldn't disturb other viewers by interrupting the movies, making too much noise or blocking people's view, but otherwise all is allowed.

In testing this, I found out that the "all is allowed" attitude of the theater is pretty much true. I had my testers try out pretty much everything we could think of and the only stuff they put a stop too involved some pretty loud toys and some messy substances. Other then that, they let them go as far as they wanted to in the theater. It was pretty fun.

The next thing they changed, since it was now an adult only establishment, was what they served at the concession stands. Sure they still have the usual fare of popcorn and nachos, but they also added alcohol for those over 21 and some other simple foods for those who wanted to eat between features. I have to admit, they do make pretty good burgers and their fish and chips are pretty good too.

The next major change they made, for all shows except the children's matinee, was the dress code. Unlike the School's | Dress Code, the theater went another direction for no apparent reason other than they wanted to. The official reason given was that they wanted to keep people from sneaking in outside food and drink in baggy pants or long coats. The rumor is that the new owners, a group of empowered women, wanted to get back at the all the guys who use the Central U | Dress Code to embarrass the girls.

They did this by saying that nobody was allowed in the theater wearing any lower covering (pants or skirt) that went lower than one inch below the crux of the crotch. Socks, stockings, shoes, and the like were still okay, but no coverings. Unfortunately most men's clothing, except the shortest of shorts, all went below this mark and had to be removed before entering.

They added a "coat check room" near the concession stand so people can leave their disallowed garments there, which meant that most guys were leaving their pants there and walking in with their cocks on display. In the summer time, when a lot of guys like to go around without shirts on, this also tends to leave them completely naked in the theater.

The rules technically applies to women coming in the theater too, but they seem to be a little more lax with them, often letting the measuring go a bit below one inch. Girls can even game the system by slightly bunching up their skirts before they are measured, getting away with more that way too. Sure, the occasional dress comes in that is too long, but how many girls do you know from campus that wears anything that would considered too long in this case?

That means that most of the girls in the theater are far more dressed than most of the guys, which is kind of a switch compared to most things around the school. I like that this was their plan, if the rumors are true, but I also don't think it works quite as well as they wanted. As I said before, most guys don't seem to let the embarrassment last long and eventually even seem to like the exposure in the theater.

I even go as far as to say that girls should do everything they can to make the guys as comfortable and happy with their exposure as possible, butt hen I'm a bit of a naughty girl.

If you are a girl and happen to see a guy in the theater sitting alone who seems to be a little uncomfortable, then take a seat right next to him. Most guys won't mind a pretty girl sitting next to them, even if they don't know them.

Then make him feel less embarrassed and uncomfortable by commenting on how nice his member looks. Even take it in your hand and feel it, telling him how nice it feels. This should make him feel better about it and become less embarrassed.

You may even ask to see more of his body, like opening or even removing his shirt, if he lets you. If he does, don't forget to compliment him on that too. Men love to hear how nice they look.

He will most likely be quite excited by this point, which could lead to frustration if you then suddenly stopped, so it would be best if you took care of that for him. Use your hands to stroke his shaft and let him have a nice time watching the movie while you play.

Also, don't forget to play with other parts in the same area, especially if you have a friend helping you. Don't ignore his balls, play with them too, and even rub his chest if he let you expose that.

If you really want to you can even take it farther and suck his cock, but then you will miss part of the movie while your head is down there. You might also take a ride on it if you want, especially if the theater is growing crowded.

You think I kid about that last part, but it's the final procedure the theater has in place. They don't just sell out the seats in the theater. If things get busy, they actually ask the patrons who are there together, usually couples, to share a seat if they can. Sitting on your neighbor's lap is actually requested if they need more seats.

Sure, this isn't a forced rule or anything, but they do strongly recommend it and ask it of the whole theater as things fill up. This can sometimes disturb people trying to watch the movie, especially if they have to go around and ask each couple they see, so most people just do it without being asked now that they know it's coming.

This is where the rules in place to embarrass the guys really break down. Since they are basically naked from the waist down, and usually very turned on by this point, and the girls are only wearing very short skirts with no panties, it makes it very easy for the guys to slip their members into the girls sitting on their laps. No guy is going to complain about being exposed if it means they get this kind of action out of it.

Since they also allow all sorts of actions and public displays of affection in the theater, having sex like this is totally allowed and even seems to be appreciated. Sometimes the audience ends up being watched as much as the movie, even by the staff who likes to come in late in the second show to see what's going on.

It's not uncommon for many of the girls to get completely undressed too, for the pleasure of their men and sometime even for the others in the crowd. There are some girls who even plan for this ahead of time and use the coat check room out front to hold onto their clothing for them. This is especially common when the second feature is an adult movie or erotic thriller, since the girls know they are gonna get busy during the show.

It's hard for guys to complain about a little inconvenience and embarrassment up front when it's pretty much a given that they are going to have a hot naked woman riding them later in the evening. There have even been cases of some guys being ridden by more than one girl during the same film, but not usually at the same time, since the seats aren't that big.

The sharing of seats isn't just for the mixed gender couples. Girls are also asked to share with their girlfriends if they are comfortable with that, and gay couples are always encouraged to share the same as straight couples. It's not like they are being unfair or biased in any way. They seem to want to get as many people involved in the hands on fun as possible.

The final shows of the evening even have an extra special audience participation segment after the final movie ends. They have four theaters in the house and they are all timed to end at the exact same time, even though their starting times seem staggered. The lengths of the movies determine when they need to start, so it can't usually be at the same time. Anyway, the special event always starts as the closing credits come to an end, and all regulars know not to leave the theater before then.

They slowly bring up the lights a little and turn on some special closed circuit cameras on the audience. They then show what's going on in each of the theaters in four sections of the screen. The group that is voted to be putting on the best show ends up going full screen for five minutes and everyone in that theater gets a free pass to any show as they exit. The voting is done in secret by the closing staff, who are watching from the control room, and there is no way to game it. You just have to put on the best show.

It's always a good time down at the Double Down if you are up for a little more action than just a movie. You might even win a little something if you put on a good enough show yourself.
Last modified on 2012/1/29 by TruthGirl
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