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The Truth About the Codes

The university doesn't tell you what the codes really mean and what they really do. This section is designed to clear all these falsehoods up and give you some help understanding what things really mean. This is done through a series of essays, stories, and other documents. These are all listed in reverse post order, so the newest are always at the top.

Sneaking in The New Rule: Learn about the new inspection process they quietly snuck into the rules.

The Reality of Hair as Clothing: Hair can work well as a top if you know how to work the rules and are willing to do it.
The Danger of Hiding Panties Inside: The old trick of hiding panties inside your pussy has finally been countered by the school.
The Dangers of Skirt Lengths: The code may say one thing, but the truth is that shorter skirts are safer (find out why).

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