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Cheekie's Special Dress Code

Audry Turnblat standing outside Original Cheekie's Cafe in 1961, wearing her 'big tipper' apron.
Cheekie's Cafe, located in Terrence Square, is one of the more popular hang-outs of the student body on campus. This is not because they have the best food or prices, but because of their staff dress code and rules. They are called Cheekie's for a reason. All staff members, including the owner, are only allowed to wear an apron while working. Shoes and short socks are also allowed, as are some accessories, but nothing else. This causes their ass cheeks to be exposed all of the time.

This tradition goes all the way back to the original Cheekie's Cafe, opened out on Lakeside Drive back in the late 50s, when Audry Turnblat took off everything but her apron in protest of the working conditions at the Lakeside Cafe. It was such a huge hit that they changed the name of the place and made it the uniform. It was an instant success and by 1960 it was making more money that any other diner in town. They even started running several special events, like the always popular 'Classic Summer' lakeside BBQ celebration. Around 1970 the owners were even talking about opening a few others in surrounding towns.

Employees posing for picture at a Cheekie's 'Classic Summer' event in 1975.
People were coming from miles around just to eat at Cheekie's all through the 60s. In the early 70s things started to turn sour though and religious and 'family values' groups started to campaign against them. It all seemed to work because in 1977 the place was shut down due to a change in "decency laws" in the city. They reopened a few months later, but had to make some changes to stay within the laws. Without the uniforms the reopening didn't work out, and none of the following attempts caught on until the campus allowed them to return to original form some years ago.

Grand re-opening of Cheekie's on campus, when they still had uniform aprons.
It is now back to high status among the student body and the dress code is fully back as strongly as it ever was. The core of the uniform is the "apron only" rule, but the new Cheekie's has added a twist to things to make it also work as an incentive program for employees to show up on time. Unlike the original Cheekie's, which had the option of wearing a full apron that fully covered the front or the 'Big Tipper' waist apron for those daring waitresses, this new Cheekie's has a fairly wide array of aprons ranging from a full coverage, neck to ankle, variety to a tiny, nearly transparent, waist apron. With several variations between them (usually around eight for females and four for guys, as that is how many employees they have during the day).

The first to arrive tend to get the most modest aprons, unless they choose the skimpier ones.
The first to arrive gets to choose which one they want to wear that day and as each successive person arrives they get to choose from what's left. As the day wars on the choices become slimmer and slimmer, so it's best to show up early and never be late for your shift. This also ensures that the later shifts will almost always have skimpier outfits, which works out quite well for the clientele. The smaller outfits also tend to get the better tips, so sometime there are employees who choose them earlier in the day.

At the end of the day, the closer has to remember to put all aprons into the washer to ready them for the next day. As aprons are ruined or lost, they are replaced from the owner's storeroom, but extras can not be removed unless they are replacing one of relative equal size. Only the owners can change the arrangement of aprons available, which means they have to approve any change in the number of employees too.

Current Variety of Female Aprons in Rotation

Full Coverage

Classic Cheekie's

Thigh High

The Slipper

Barely Covered

Long Bottoms

Waist Apron

Sheer Nothing

Current Variety of Male Aprons in Rotation

Full Coverage

Man Size

Classic Cheekie's

Waist Apron

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