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The Truth About The Chancellor

Another image from his staff photo shoot, taken in his office.
To the public, Chancellor Anson Farnsworth is seen as a most upstanding and noble leader of one of the largest and most respected colleges in the area. Since he has taken over, and upgraded the Dress Codes and Codes of Conduct, the school has seen a rise in attendance, grades, and national ratings, but the credit for these things can not be given to one man. The staff on the whole was being improved even before he replaced the previous Chancellor fifteen years ago. The only real thing he seemed to change is the amount of nudity you see around campus and generally allowed levels of control given to staff members.

He is often quoted as being about bringing a level of decency and decorum to the school and that all these rules he instituted (although they have grown on their own without need of his constant input since) are designed to encourage these ideals. He said "By making it risky to wear short skirts we will see that these young women will be more likely to keep themselves covered and carrying themselves with decency." He also put the inspection rules into place to make sure that the rules are being followed, saying "If we don't enforce the rules, they will simply be ignored. You will then see risks being taken and respect being ignored." Now, if you've read anything I have said about the codes, you will know what his rules have actually done.

Look at this close-up of the books the man keeps on his shelves. Are these the books of an educator in the highest regard or a naughty little pervert?
He may speak about decency, decorum, and purity, but anyone who has ever been to his office will know what the man is really about. His bookshelves are filled with books about sex, pornography, nude photography, sexual positions, strange fetishes, and for some reason, cows. I think he likes all the udders.

Most who have seen the room, however, don't speak of it. I have my suspicions, but nobody really knows for sure why.

Luckily for us, however, he did have a few pictures taken in his office for his official school portrait (found on the Orientation Page) and you can see the truth in some of the details of the extra shots that he didn't choose to use. The picture and details on this page show you the truth about what he's really like and what he really likes. Seems to put all his actions and decisions about the school codes into perspective and makes you question his real motivations for them.

Seriously, even the book he is fake reading for the photo isn't one you could really call educational... well, not the kind of education he claims to promote.
You can thank the school's lack of strong security on their servers for my getting my hands on these images. The photographer put them on a server to clean them up and work on them, before the Chancellor made his decision on which to use, but didn't do a good enough job of erasing them when done. I found them and now you get to see what Farnsworth didn't want you to see.

The only thing I really wonder about him is what's going to happen now that his daughter is a student here. Will he become more protective of her and try to use his power to keep her from being a victim of his own codes? Will be make her find her own way and suffer the same humiliations as every other student? Or will he actually start to turn around and repeal some of his codes, finally realizing what he is doing to the others through the sight of his daughter now being one of them? So far it seems that he will simply leave her to her own devices, but only time will truly tell.

Chancellor Anson Farnsworth is not what he pretends to be and nobody should be fooled by the facade. See the dirty old man behind the mask of decorum and decency. Know that this is why the school is the way it is, but don't expect to change anything with that knowledge. He is still loved and greatly respected among the staff and most of the local town officials. He brought the money and respect back to the school and the town, even if his means might seem a little dysfunctional to most, and that is all they seem to care about. Who cares if the students suffer humiliations and embarrassment along the way?

Never said I had the answers, just the truth.
Last modified on 2013/9/8 by TruthGirl
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