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Featured CUNT Cheerleader
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Trina Huntington – Interview
Our first Cheerleader interview started when Trina Huntington, a good looking sandy blond, came into the side room of the gym where we asked her to meet us. We all did our greetings and she asked if it was okay if she practiced a little while we talked. I had no problem with that and the photographer thought it would lead to some interesting shots, so we began.

As Trina started her slow movements, doing what looked like a her field moves done at quarter speed, I started asking the questions. "What made you decide to tryout to be a cheerleader?"
Trina: "I've always liked cheerleaders. They used to be my favorite thing to watch as I sat with my dad and watched sports on the weekends. They were just all so pretty and happy. I just looked like fun, so when I got the chance in high school to try out, I had to. The rest is just a continuation of that."

"So what do you think is the best part about being a cheerleader?"
Trina: "It's hard to choose between the camaraderie of the team and energy that comes off the crowd. I mean, when you see the smiles on a fans faces. There's nothing like that. But the feeling of being a part of such a great group of hot girls is also pretty sweet."

"What is the worse part?"
Trina: "That's got to be the belief that we are all stupid whores. We aren't. Even those of us who like to party get good grades. We have to or we lose our place on the team."

"How much practicing do you have to do?"
Trina: "We have three scheduled practices a week that are about three hours each. Sometimes there will be extra ones if there is some special performance or something we have to get ready for. Plus most of us work out and stuff in our own time, just to keep in shape."

TruthGirl Was Here

"What do you enjoy outside of cheering?"
Trina: "Besides parties? Well, my Iota Eta Pi sisters keep me pretty busy, so there's that. I also like dancing and listening to music."

"Do you find that your Iota Eta Pi duties interfere with cheering?"
Trina: "No, the Pi's are a very activity friendly house, so they don't do anything that messes with my practice or game days. Sure, there are the occasional practical jokes or dares or even penalties I had to do through those times, but they don't really interfere with them, just make them more interesting."

"Care to elaborate on any of these events? They sound interesting."
Trina: "I don't think I will. Heck, some of them were very public and I'm sure you could find several others to tell you about them, but not me."

"What advice would you give to new students wanting to try-out for cheerleading?"
Trina: "Get noticed and make sure they don't forget you. That's most important. Getting the try-out is easy, but making sure they remember you afterwards is what's important. I mean, you will need to be fit and strong, both mentally and physically, but none of that will matter if they forget you after the next ten girls they see."

At this point she had gone through several moves, most in slow motion, and was starting to move onto the next part of her workout. It was obvious that the clear question and answer period of the interview was over, but I stuck around to see if we could learn anything else about her. What I discovered is that she is very dedicated to her physical shape and she definitely looks the better for it.

Don't miss Trina, or the rest of the team, during the next game. I know I won't.

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