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Cracked Cheerleader Spotlight Archive

Trina Huntington (Outtakes)
What the interviewer didn't tell you is that when the interview part ended it wasn't just because Trina was moving onto her next part of her workout, it was because she started to strip and they simply got distracted from asking more questions. Not hard to understand if you've actually seen her naked. She is quite lovely.

She started with her shirt, and the cameraman did his best to catch as many good shots of it as possible, without being so obvious as to make her get spooked and put an end to it. Looking at the pictures it's hard to tell if she even noticed him at all at this point.

She then pulled her skirt down and slid it off her feet, rendering herself completely naked and looking amazing. I mean, I've seen it before at some of the games before, but I can imagine being in the room with her like this was whole different level of the experience.

Unfortunately, she must have caught wind of the camera soon after removing her skirt because there are no more images after this one on the roll, and none of her clearly from the front. Although if you look closely, I'm not sure that last item we see in the image is her skirt. Could there be a | Dress Code violation caught in the last picture? Could that be why she stopped all further pictures from being taken? And what did she do to convince our interviewer and photographer to keep mum about it? Those are what I really want to know.

Anyway, this is all I have to share of her images that's worth viewing, but I think even this much is worth it. Don't you?

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