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Inspection In The Trees

It's time we brought you one of the inspections that was performed earlier this year. It was not published here yet, although some images from this shoot were used in other school publications as examples. Rather than simple pass on the images and move on to newer inspections, the inspection staff thought it was time it was showcased here.

Theresa Kurtz was wandering through the Commons earlier this year, dressed in this lovely simple pink dress. It was very short, even showing off a small amount of her rear end. Most people would not have suspected her of any kind of dress code violation, but since her top covered her fully, there could have been something hidden there. So she was stopped.

When asked about the reason for the inspection that day, the inspector of record simply said he didn't remember since it was so long ago. Looking at the pictures he said it must have been her demeanor at the time, but it could have been a suspected bra. Either way we couldn't get an official answer, but at least we have the pictures.

According to the record the inspector stopped Theresa by a big collection of trees on the east side of the Commons. He informed her of her rights and asked her to remove her top so he could see if she was wearing a second top.

She did not hesitate and started to lower the top of her dress, but did it very slowly. According to his notes it felt like she was trying to tease him and make it enjoyable, but he found it to be a little annoying as he simply wanted to finish the inspection. Eventually it was pulled down enough to completely show off her now exposed breasts.

There was no sign of a second top, bra or otherwise, but the inspector apparently wanted to do a thorough job. He noted that he she simply stood there and let him take a close look to make sure. Eventually he noted the absence of any signs of a second top and moved on to the next part of the inspection.

As the dress slowly gathered around her waist, now fully exposing her pubic region and showing that she wasn't wearing any panties, the inspector then asked her to turn around so he could make a thorough inspection of both sides for violations.

She agreed and turned her back to the inspector, even going so far as to spread her legs slightly to let him have a better view during his inspection. He did the next part of his inspection and did take his time, as jotted down in his notes. He then noted down that she was not in violation for wearing any bottoms with her dress and wasn't hiding anything behind her back or in her hair.

She simply stood there and waited for any other instructions. According to his note, after his initial annoyance with her "teasing nature" she was quick and to the letter on every request of his after that. She was, to put it in his words, "The ideal inspection subject."

To finish the full inspection, Theresa was then asked to remove her dress completely and hand it to the inspector, so he could look through it for any hidden things. This is usually when the hidden layers, internal pockets, or other clothing tricks are looked for. Very few students ever try to get away with these, but since it does happen the inspectors do have to look for them when they do a full inspection.

She quickly removed the dress and handed to him, leaving her stark naked in the Common during the early afternoon, about the time the last day classes were getting out. She did not complain and simply stood in the shade of the tree waiting. His notes even go so far as to say she didn't even try and cover herself while she waited for him to finish.

His thorough examination of her dress revealed nothing out of place and showed that she was one of the good students who were completely following the rules of the dress code.

Upon finishing his inspection he congratulated her on her on her adherence to the rules and informed her that she was in perfect compliance. She seemed pleased at the news and still stood there, naked and not covering, until he finally handed her the dress back. She then thanked him and walked away without even putting the dress on yet.

His final notes say that she did pull the dress back on once she hit the road at the north end of the Commons, but did it while still walking. She then left school grounds into the parking lot. Overall the whole timestamp on the inspection is less than four minutes.

This is a shining example of what an inspection could be like if more students would simply follow the inspectors' instructions quickly and completely. They would be fast, easy, and simple. There is no need to get worked up or waste the inspectors' time. Especially since it only makes them more suspicious of you.

Now that this old inspection has been posted we can now post some of the newer ones that come across our desk here. Be careful not to be suspicious and you won't likely appear here yourself.

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