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Cracked Cheerleader Spotlight Archive

Tiffany Elton (Outtakes)

When Tiffany came in for her photo-shoot, wearing one of the alternate uniforms they keep on hand for these things, they managed to catch a number of shots that she wasn't ready for and that showed more than she wanted for this thing. As they always do, they promised not use any of the shots without clearing them with her first, and that's what you saw in the main spotlight.

I, of course, don't have any such deal with her and think you should see all the good things they got to see. I also have access to their private files and those are the images you see here.

The first couple of these are simple ones they got as she got into the chair and comfortable. There are always some unexpected things seen when this goes on... thankfully.

Besides, it's not like we all haven't see her pussy before. Like she said in her interview, she often ends up bottomless at the shows anyways.

These next two shots happened because she was getting careless in how she was sitting or posing and the photographer let her know. Reflexively she tried to cover herself with her hat, which never actually seems to work that well for her.

You'd think she would just push her skirt back down and try to get it back into place instead of instantly using the hat each time. I guess she's just so used to not having the skirt on that she doesn't even think that way when it first hits her.

Plus, the way she kept smiling through it all makes me think she might have been toying with the photographer. I wonder if she's going to make him feel important and special like she does to all the team members she cheers for?

Finally we have this nice relaxed shot that was taken after her flexibility shot that was used in the main spotlight. It shows a bit more than the shot used shows, which is nice, but overall I just think is a much nicer shot to go out on.

She looks very good in this pic and it works very well as way to say thank you and goodbye to our spotlight girl this time.

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