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Testimonial Archive

See what other previous and current students of our school have to say about us. If you wish to add your own testimonial to the list, please visit our community forums and tell us about your time here at CUNT.

TruthGirl Was Here
Dr. Ralph Cohen – Alumni

At first I was worried about going for doctorate at Central U, because it wasn't one of the huge state schools, and I was planning on just doing my undergraduate work there, but once I saw the program in action and all that it had to offer I was extremely pleased and immediately changed all my plans to go through the whole program there. Not only are the classes smaller, with direct access to and input from the professors, but the school works very hard to make sure that practical experience is a part of all their programs.

Even early on in the medical program I was able to work on campus in the medical center as an assistant and eventually an on-call medical technician, which mostly just handle light medical problems around campus and determines if they need to go in for something more serious. As I progressed through the program I then got to work in the medical center, doing real hands on medical diagnostics and procedures under the watchful eye and assistance of the highly trained instructors.

Central U also has a good relationship with numerous local hospitals, accepting nearly all students to do their residencies. I did mine at New Town General, where I ended up staying and continuing on as a general practitioner, with my own office in their adjacent medical campus. I find my training through CUNT to be indispensable in my current job, and I love to bring in current students as my assistants and to let them do their outside training under me.

I would not be the successful doctor I am today without the exceptional instruction and experiences I had at Central U, and you can have the same thing if you choose to go there. I can't endorse them highly enough.

TruthGirl Was Here
Dodi Masters – Alumni

Central University opened numerous doors for me. Not only did I learn the skills to make myself successful in the work place, but I also gained an amazing support system that helped me long after graduation. CUNT gave me the financial flexibility I needed by connecting me with local businesses that accepted work-study students, which allowed me to have flexible schedules you need when you are taking numerous classes. This helped me to get the education I wanted at the price I could afford.

After I got out and moved into the professional sector, I used many of those connections to get me into my first jobs and helped me make the further connections I needed to get where I am now. I can't say I don't still miss the place, after all I am who I am today because of CUNT, but I try to keep a little bit of the school within no matter where I am.

TruthGirl Was Here
Francine Amblin – Student

Central University has definitely changed my life. I've received so much nourishment here. The University has a great sense of community that I have never experienced anywhere before, and I have really flourished in the environment here. I have become more involved in the community, taking positions with the student council, forming student research groups, and as the student representative for the Northern State Naturopathic Medical Association. Through all of that, I have gained the confidence and clarity about who I am that will lead me into my future role as a natural health care provider.

The best part of my education has been being able to treat patients at the campus hospital. Seeing how adding natural medicine to standard procedures positively affects patients is so inspiring, and I fall more in love with helping patients every day. Patients appreciate having a safe place to discuss things that they have never been able to say to a doctor before, in respect to alternatives to standard pharmacological solutions.

I explored several other schools before coming here, but visiting CUNT's campus is what really made a difference. The place was beautiful and I just felt more comfortable here than anywhere I had ever been. It just felt right and I haven't looked back since.

TruthGirl Was Here
James Ashworth – Alumni

Central University is home to a vibrant and colorful music scene, both in and out of the music department. There are many varied ensembles and orchestras in and around the university giving regular concerts to through several university and community sites. The musical staff are all active music professionals, both writing and performing when not teaching. The individual specialties of the professors gave me the unique opportunity to really broaden my musical scope.

Particularly as a budding composer, I found my time at CUNT a very fruitful one, having my pieces performed by large-scale ensembles. It was also a great thing to see my pieces being used as the backing for amazing dance and performance pieces being put on by one of the other arts groups or students on campus. That is something I even miss today, since the professional scene doesn't have the same whimsy and freeform fun as those shows did. It's something I still strive for all the time in my work today.

TruthGirl Was Here
Samantha Sirathi – Alumni

CUNT offers a wide variety of strong specializations to choose from. The highly trained faculty members whose rich experience and knowledge adds a lot to the process, as well as making learning enjoyable. The level of personalization between faculty members and students is exceptional, especially with the smaller class sizes. Faculty members are willing to work with students at their convenience, even outside of the classroom, in order to give direction on papers, answer questions, and even offer comments and feed-back. The class size is generally small and dynamic, allowing two-way dialogues, discussion, and interaction.

Apart from helping the students gain a solid foundation in the real world, programs at CUNT aid the student in adapting to a real global working environment in the future. Through my years at CUNT I went from being a citizen of a country to being a true global citizen. I consider it all to have been quality time and money well spent.

TruthGirl Was Here
Sean Farthing – Alumni

My experience at Central University of New Town was a good one. The classes challenge students to constantly read, discuss, and learn, while still feeling friendly and inviting. The staff is knowledgeable in their areas of teaching and their support often gets us past the obstacle we face during our learning process. Finally, the classes I have taken have been extremely rewarding because I actually felt like I was furthering my education, gaining useful skills, and being exposed to industry knowledge that would act as assets to not only myself, but my future colleagues and my clients. I found it all challenging, constant, knowledgeable, and rewarding.
TruthGirl Was Here
Angie Pierce - Alumni
When I first came to Central University, I was not ready for the whole experience. It was really my first time away from home, other than a couple summers at camp, and really my first time on my own. It was all new and scary and exciting. I wasn't sure what I was going to do and it could have been totally terrifying... but it wasn't.

I was immediately accepted into the big sister program, without even signing up for it, where an older student is assigned to some new students by the Student Union to show them the ropes and get them acquainted to college life. We quickly became friends and she made the transition not only painless, but actually fun and exciting. Before too long I was a highly active and happy member of the student body.

The professors were not only highly knowledgeable, but you actually got the feeling that they cared about each and every student. I've heard horror stories about the state colleges and their huge classes, where the professor doesn't even learn the names of any of their students, much less take a personal interest in them, leaving everything to their aids. This is not the case at CUNT. I was able to walk in and ask my professors anything and they actually knew me and wanted to help. Several of them have even kept in touch as I got out in the real world.

I now love to give back by having several graduate students do their professional internships at our company and we are part of the work study program, allowing students to work in our mailroom and other lower offices to help pay their tuition. I still even love to visit the campus from time to time.
TruthGirl Was Here
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