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Tennis Inspection

While making their usual rounds, this inspector noticed a couple of the students practicing over on the tennis courts and thought to stop and watch for a little bit. It seemed to be both as a nice place to rest and to watch for violations among those practicing.

Most of them seemed to go without much question but one girl seemed to catch their eye as he watched more closely.

Thanks to a photography student who happened to be passing by and noticed this we have these shots.

At first the practicing student was not interrupted and allowed to keep practicing as the inspector watched and the photographer snapped a few shots.

The inspector noticed something out of the ordinary and called her to stop for an inspection. He said she didn't seem to be moving naturally as she bounced around the court. At least not in her shirt.

So he called for her for remove her shirt she tried to play it casual, smiling away as she pulled it over her head and revealed her tight sports bra underneath.

She knew she was in violation, so she didn't even wait to be told before removing the bra and handed both of them to the inspector. She must have figured he would have gone easier on her if she acted so agreeably and swiftly.

It seemed to work.

After taking her information down and packing up the two tops, the inspector said she was free to get back to practice but would have to go to a hearing when it came up later in the week.

She thanked him and went back to her practice session on the court. This time she appeared to be appropriately moving as she ran about the court swinging her racquet.

The inspector didn't immediately leave though, still intent on watching her for a little longer, as if he suspected something.

As such, the photographer stuck around and took some more shots of her practicing too.

After she dove for a far shot and fell on the ground the inspector stepped up to question her again. She squatted there, a little out of breath and everyone saw what the inspector noticed.

He asked her casually about her dress code violation before and if there was anything else she thought he should know before filing his report.

She smiled, told him there was nothing, and tried to casually push her skirt down to make sure her panties were covered. As if he hadn't already noticed them.

He looked stern down at her and told her to raise her skirt.

She tried to play it coy, still smiling, and pulled her skirt up to reveal her large white panties. This was a clear violation of the dress code and she knew she was caught in it without any recourse.

He told her to stand up and remove her skirt so he could complete the full inspection.

She obliged without wasting any time, trying to keep her smile on her face the whole time. Perhaps she thought he would go easy on her if she was cute and courteous though the process.

He was professional and didn't let her get to him.

He then told her that she would have to remove the offending article and give it to him.

She gladly pulled them down, although seemed to be doing it a tad slower than she had any other piece of her clothing. Couldn't be sure if this was because she was actually nervous, or she was trying to be extra sexy for him. Either way, he just stood there and waited.

She sat down to pull them off over her shoes, which was a little struggle and then handed them to him.

He took them and made some notes before placing them in the bag with the rest of the clothing.

She sat there, waiting for him to do his job, and tried to keep a smile on her face. It was starting to seem a little forced by this point, but she was a trooper and going to keep it going the whole time.

When he next looked up at her he told her that he didn't mind that she wasn't standing in the official inspection position, but she wasn't allowed to cover up in case she was trying to hide another infraction.

She understood what he meant and spread her legs and places her arms behind her and to the sides, leaning back. This made sure that everyone could everything she had to show as he slowly finished cataloging and taking notes.

Unlike some inspections, he didn't actually take that long and finished up fairly soon.

He handed her another citation and informed her that this would not look good at her hearing. She simply smiled and took the ticket, placing it with her racquet case and the other ticket.

On that he said she could get back to practicing and walked off. The photographer stuck around and got a few more shots of her working out on the court.

She now really looked good out there in the sunlight, but her form seemed to be a little off. The inspection must have taken a little more out of her than she was letting on.

Before leaving the photographer asked her to show him her game face and she growled at him.

I still stuck around and watched the rest of her practice session, and followed her into the locker room afterwards to talk to her about the inspection, but that's the entirety of how this inspection went down.

Now we are just waiting for her hearing to come up late in the week. There is no way she is going to get out of this one, but I sure hope I get to be on the jury.

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