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Temporary and Traveling Services in New Town

Sometimes there are limited time events, traveling shows, carnivals, festivals, or specialty vehicles that are sometime active in or near town.

Central Run Festival (Campus through Downtown)
Once a year, around the final days of classes before winter break, the town throws an evening street festival surrounding the annual Central Run thrown by many students of the university. Enjoy deals in all restaurants, bars, clubs, and numerous street vendors, as well as special concerts and the run itself. Read More Here

New Town Haunted Mansion (Location changes Each year.)
Toplanders always sponsors this popular Halloween event in October, usually starting around the second week of the month and lasting through Halloween evening itself. It usually takes place in some currently unoccupied warehouse, although they have held it in actual large houses twice in the past. At these events they have three paths to fit all wishes of those who come through the doors, having things for everyone from little kids to the most hard core horror fans out there. On the final night, after dark, the Haunted Mansion closes its doors to all but those who have invitations and has one huge party in the place.

Santa's North Pole (One Floor of Wellingham's Department Store.)
Every year, one whole floor of Wellingham's Department Store is transformed into a holiday extravaganza. It includes a whole Santa's North Pole theme, with several buildings, Elves walking around to help you, hands-on workshops, and the main line to get to see the big guy himself. The whole thing is run independently of Wellingham's Department Store, so it doesn't have the same stuffy feeling as the rest of the store, but a light a jolly fun time for everyone.
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