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Supplies: Sporting Equipment

| Inflatable Novelty Bat
Support the school's baseball team with this fun and funky inflatable bat.
  | Pro-Level Baseball
Play the game like a pro with these pro-level leather baseballs.
| Basic Set of Golf Clubs
Want to play golf? These are all you need and for a reasonable price.
  | Spalding Basketball
This is the same type of ball used by all our campus basketball team.
| Wilson Tennis Racquet
Play like a pro with this professionally made and balanced tennis racquet.
  | Professional Level Football
Pros and colligate sports teams alike use these pro level expert footballs.
Classic Brown Leather Baseball Glove
Feel like a Major Leaguer with this classic style leather baseball glove.
  | Standard Amateur Soccerball
Cheaper than the pro balls, these amateur level balls work great for most.
Modern Black Baseball Glove
Don't just look like the pros, play like them with this modern baseball glove.
  | Tennis Balls
Standardized yellow fuzzy tennis balls that come in packs of two, four or six.
| Black Boxing Gloves
Although not professional level, these gloves are more than enough for practice and amateur boxing.
  | Compound Sports Bow
Quality compound bow that is perfect for casual sport and hunting shooting.

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