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Supplies: Containers and Packs

| Simple Nylon Backpack
If you just need to carry your books from class to class, these are the basic packs you need.
  Leather Tool Belt
This simple leather tool belt hold all sorts of tools for your building needs.
| Thin Nylon Protective Backpack
Laptops and special papers are safe in these hard sided thin nylon backpacks.
  | Tennis Racquet Carry Case
Protect your racquet with this stylish and weatherproof carrying case.
| Leather Satchel Backpack
Want something with a little more style in addition to function? This is for you.
  Big Deep Purple Purse
This faux leather purse holds all sorts of things while still looking stylish.
Garfield Backpack
This playful kid's backpack is adorned with the cartoon character Garfield the cat.
  Simple Little Black Purse
If all you need is the basics, then all you need is this sleek little number to carry them in.
| Glowing Party Backpack
Fun glowing backpack with hours of charge and an exciting color options.
  | Classy Laced Front Designer Purse
If you want to show a little class and style, this designer laced front purse is just what you asked for.
Soft-Backed Leather Briefcase
Soft-backed quality leather briefcase with simple key locking latch.
  Classic Leather Suitcase
Just like they used in the olden days, this classic style leather suitcase is both sturdy and safe.

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