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Supplies: Other (Everything Else)

| Highlighter Marker
The most useful tool of any researcher, these yellow highlighters help you keep track of everything.
  | ComfortFit Life Jacket
Stay afloat and alive, even if you can't swim, with these floatation devices.
Small Spiral Notebook
Need something easily portable but large enough to take all those notes in class? This is the thing for you.
  | Standard Basic Life Jacket
Need to make sure you're safe and following the law, but can't afford more? This is the life jacket you need.
| Standard Black Three-Ring Binder
Keep all your work safe and secure in this rugged black binder.
  | Floatation Pool Kickbard
For fun, health or safety, these bards are perfect for any pool and swimmer at rest.
| Black Marking Tape
Multi-Use black tape with a light tack, so it sticks lightly without leaving residue.
  | Assorted Condoms
No matter what you are looking for, the school store has your condom needs covered. Just ask.
| Colored Ribbon
Wrapping gifts, making art, tying off thing with style? This is the stuff for you.
  Oral-B Electric Toothbrush
Simple and cheap, this electric toothbrush is perfect for college use. Disposable and cheap.
| Large Colorful Blanket
This two-layer colorful polyester blanket is both warm and lightweight. Perfect for the dorms.
  | Lacy White Parasol
Elegant and beautiful, this lacy white parasol is great for keeping the sun off your skin in style.

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