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Supplies: Bathing Supplies

| Deep Pink Bath Scrunchie
Made of a specially manufactured plastic, these colored scrunchies are perfect for keeping clean in the bath.
  Standard Yellow Washcloth
Absorbent and yellow... no, it's not Spongebob... It's this standard cotton yellow washcloth.
Light Purple Bath Scrunchie
The perfect item for keeping clean in the tub now comes in a stylish light purple color that the girls love.
  | Thick Black Washcloth
Made of 100% cotton and made much thicker than your standard cloth for superior strength and absorbency.
| Bath Sponge with Hand Strap
No longer worry about dropping that sponge in the shower with this simple hand strapped sponge.
  Standard White Bath Towel
Get dried off in a hurry and have something to wrap around you on the way back from the showers.
| Scrunchie Sponge Brush
Want the best of all three cleansing items? Use this combination of a sponge, scrunchie, and shower brush in one.
  | Absorbent Lavender Bath Towel
If you want to get clean and dried off fast, this absorbent cotton towel does it in style and comfort.
| Wooden Bath Brush
Want a serious cleaning that gets all the dirt and dead skin off in comfort? Use this firm bristled bath brush.
  | Blue Bath Towel Set
Classic style blue bath towels, perfect for any bathroom or as your personal dorm use towels.
| Glowing Rubber Duck
More than your standard rubber bath toy, these cute little ducks actually glow when squeezed.
  | Cute Rubber Ducky
Make bath time lots of fun with this cute little floating rubber ducky as your friend.

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