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Supplies: Art Supplies

| Art Brush Collection
This basic collection of art brushes is all you need to get started in any painting class.
  | Canon Cameras
We carry a wide variety of Canon Cameras, perfect for whatever your photography needs are.
| Medium Paint Brush
When you want good coverage, but in a smaller area, this is the perfect sized brush for your needs.
  | Standard Photography Tripod
Retractable and adjustable standard tripod for use with nearly any photography camera system.
| Large Wide Paintbrush
Need to cover a larger area with good control but in good time? This is the brush for you.
  | Colored Pencil Collection
The campus store has a wide assortment of colored pencils to buy in sets or individually.
| Playful Paint Markers
Have fun making art with these multi-colored squeezable tube paint markers.
  | Assorted Knitting Needles
Coming in an assortment of colors, sizes, and styles, we have whatever you need.
| Oil Paints in All Colors
No matter what colors you need, we have all your oil paint requirements in stock.
  | Airbrush
The specialized tool of many modern painters, this airbrush includes all you need.
| Wooden Painter's Palette
Fine wooden platform that will hold your mixed paints and can be comfortably held in one hand.
  | Paper Craft Ribbons
Brightly colored light paper craft ribbons for decorations or as part of some craft project.
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