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The Straight Jacket

Sometime people can not know where the boundaries are and other time people can simply not care and blast past them. That's what the court case that led to this punishment had to determine. The case was actually pretty swift and the evidence, including camera phone images and short movie clips, was overwhelmingly against the defendant here. She was found guilty of illegally groping and manhandling at least two others, who repeatedly asked her to stop. She didn't respect the boundaries of only exposed flesh and even tried to pull off the clothing she was groping under.

The judge felt the punishment had to fit the crime, but didn't think she would feel adequately annoyed or guilty if they allowed others to grope her all over. So she decided to go the other direction and make it impossible for her touch anything. She would even have to ask others for help whenever she needed to handle anything, from her lunch to her schoolbooks. She was to be strapped into a straight jacket for twenty-four hours.

On the morning the punishment was to take place she was stripped of her dress, since the straight jacket would count as one itself, and fitted into the canvas contraption. One of the students from the medical department's mental health training class was brought in to put her into it, as they have some training in safe restraints and this would give them hands on experience with it.

After fitting her arms into it and wrapping the straps around herself, as if she was giving herself a huge hug, he tightened it behind her back and made sure all the straps were properly and securely fastened. The back actually has four sets of straps, if you include the one that ties the arms together, and all of them have to be secure.

Oddly enough, due to the punishment, she was given some small exceptions from the | School Codes. Because the straight jacket requires one strap to go between her legs to make it function, she is allowed to have that done (even though it goes against the "no pants" rule). She is also exempt from inspections for the entire time of the punishment, since she can't take off the straight jacket herself and isn't allowed to have anyone else take it off her, except for the lower strap when she had to use the toilet (but that had to be done in the presence of witness to make sure she didn't remove it further).

Once she was all strapped in, the full extent of what she was going to have to deal with hit her. She was not happy and begged the witnesses in the room during her strapping in to change the punishment to something else. They simply shook their heads and apologized, since they didn't have that power. She was then given the all clear by the medical student and her full day started.

She was escorted out of the room and out into the main hall of the facility, where she was free to go wherever she wanted to, but mostly had to get to class within an hour. Not having any other excuse or anything better to do, she let on her way to class and tried to get used to walking without moving her arms. It was amusing to watch the odd way her body seemed to list as she made it out of the building.

The next morning, after a rough day and a poor night's sleep, she appeared back in the office to have it removed. She was most pleased to be free of the jacket and said the first thing she wanted to do was take a shower, which was easy enough to do since she left the office naked (her dress had been returned to her room the night before).

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