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Stores & Services on the Central University of New Town Campus

The Campus houses several special privately owned or school run store and services to cater to many of our staff and student needs. CUNT is also located right near downtown New Town, so several other locations of interest are within close walking distance of the campus.

Parking (09, 65, & several lots)
The campus ha several parking lots and two parking security offices for visitors (as well as several smaller ones for staff lots). General visitors to campus are asked to use the North Parking Lot, as do many students and staff. The Stadium Parking Lot is mainly used for sporting event patrons, while the Corvin Staff Lot near the stadium is for Staff, guests, and deliveries only. Most students are asked to park their vehicles in the Arnson and Lindon Lot. The Public Parking Lot, just north-west of campus is city owned and used by visitors to both campus and the public park on Lake Laramont. It is not legal for students or staff to leave their vehicles there over night or for extended periods of time.

Armon Kitterman Museum (10)
One of the few publicly open buildings on campus, the Armon Kitterman Museum houses many of the artifacts and items of interest the college has collected over the years. Public hours are 10 AM to 6 PM, closed on Sundays, and the entrance free is $8 for adults and $5 per accompanied kid (students and staff are free). Tickets must be purchased at the visitor's center (students and staff simply have to present ID at the door). Items of less public interest, but historical relevance, or active study, are housed in Alameda Hall (22) of the Alameda Institute.

CU Bookstore (11)
One of the few publicly open buildings on campus, the CU Bookstore sells far more than just books. The main floor is where you can buy nearly all your school supplies, from books to video and art supplies. The upstairs houses a full clothing and accessory store, which carries only school dress code legal clothing in all styles and forms. Students and staff get a 30% discount on everything. The store is open from 7 AM to 10 PM for staff and students, but only publicly open from 10 AM to 8 PM. Visitors should be careful not to wander elsewhere on campus as they are not allowed anywhere except the Bookstore and Museum without first checking with the visitor's center.

Tall Ones Coffee (17)
Although extremely similar to the Starbucks chain, this semi-privately owned coffee shop (subsidized by the college for work-study) is the only one of its kind. Their fare is mostly hot drink, cookies, cakes, and similar coffee shop goodies, but they are a popular stop for the entire campus crowd, especially because of their special offers on certain days of the week and holidays.
Topless Tuesdays: Customers who wear nothing from the waist up (at least while in the shop) on Tuesdays get half off their orders.
Full Moon Fridays: Customers who wear nothing below the waist and above the knees (at least while in the shop) on the first Friday following a full moon get a free drink of any kind with any other order (even just a cookie).

TruthGirl Was Here
Cheekie's Café (18)
As one of the few "private" businesses allowed to run on campus, Cheekie's Café is a popular café that serves all sorts of foods and drinks, as well as having a fully stocked ice cream bar in the summer, but is most well known for its uniform that all employees have to wear (which is also what gives the place its name). Check out their site for more information, or see the classified section for employment opportunities.

The Commissary (19)
More than your simple cafeteria, the campus Commissary houses buffet style eatery and small market, in addition to several vending machines and a small active deli. Students are allowed to use their food points here (which are given as part of their tuition and more can be purchased at any give time), but cash and other means of pay are also accepted.

Stadium Corner Mini-Mart (38)
This small shop is privately owned and sells a mix of prepackaged goods and sports related merchandise. The shop comprises of a small walk in shop and a walk up window, where the clerk retrieves your desired items for you. The owners usually hire several students to man the store, which counts towards their work-study financial aid. The shop is open 24 hours a day, but between the hours of 11 PM and 6 AM only the walk up window is available.

Aphrodite's Coffee Shop (48)
Located in the front corner of Jane Turner Hall, this small coffee shop sits adjacent to the large working lobby of the building. The style and décor of the shop is all about women and their empowerment, although some question the methods. Everything is covered with curves and images of nude or scantily clad women of all types.

Coffee Italiano (58)
Located in the lobby of the Valenzetti Center, across from the international studies office, Coffee Italiano is an internationally themed shop that serves blends and styles from around the world. It's the most up-scale of all the shops on campus, bit is still rather gimmicky, as the staff wears international themed outfits.
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