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Stores and Markets of New Town

There are numerous places to buy things around town. This section covers but a small smattering of them. Explore and find so many more.

Allan Bros. Wholesalers (408 Lakeside Drive)
At one time, AllanCo was the local Wholesaler for all the restaurants, markets, and catering business in and around the local area, but since opening their doors to the public as a membership-only warehouse club store, they have grown to be one of the most popular shopping locations in town. The warehouse environment and large "bulk" sizes on all items allowed them to keep the costs down and has made them especially popular with the price-conscious shoppers.

Central Market (614 Lakeside Drive)
Central Market brings the freshest foods together under one roof. They offer a vast selection of fresh produce, meats, seafood, bulk foods, baked goods and so much more. They are a store of unique choices, offering a mix of organic, natural, and conventional foods. It may not be downtown, but it's worth the walk or drive to get the best products for the best price.

Footsies Footwear (1322 Pine Ridge Ave.)
If you wanted shoes, boots, sandals, or even any kind of socks or stockings, Footsies Footwear is the place for you. It has the largest sales floor dedicated to nothing but shoes and boots in the whole county, and several times a year they have special sales for the students of the local collage or the community in general.

Große Brüste Bäckerei (1220 Anderson Ave.)
One of the largest and most popular bakeries in all of New Town, this Bavarian bakery is a great place to get baked goods and sweets of all kinds. It shares a theme and often servers (as well as owners) with the restaurant/pub next door.

Jourgen's International Supermarket (1208 Birch Nut Ave.)
Nearly everything you could possibly want to make your next meal extra special can be found here. If you want an amazing assortment of foods from around the world and don't mind the little extra cost involved in getting them, this is the place for you.

Nackte Mädchen Gallery (1414 Pine Ridge Ave.)
Located in the middle of the upscale section of New Town's downtown business district, this prestigious gallery caters to the upscale clientele looking for the best local artists have to offer. They have several public galleries, displaying works from upwards of thirty artists at a time (although usually fewer than six) and brokering sales for most of the works they display. Private events and public viewing hours are both available for a fee.

Albert Hart – New Town Studios
New Town Studios (1014 Pine Ridge Ave.)
As a collective of artists, New Town Studios is home to numerous local painters, sculptors, and other physical artists, including the founder, Albert Hart (husband of Dean Poppy Hart of the art department, and shown at right). Each artist or group within the collective has their own working studio on the upper floors and the main floor is divided into several display galleries for showing off and selling the works of the collective. They are even known for doing special shows from time to time.

TruthGirl Was Here
Topplander's Boutique (1203 Pine Ridge Ave.)
This specialty clothing store only carries shirts and other tops, mostly women's, and a few accessories. Their prices a good and they collect a wide variety of items, making it the best selection in town. The way the keep their prices down is by using a very unique anti-shoplifting technique.

Wellingham's (1141 Birch Nut Ave.)
One of the large classic department stores, Wellingham's stands alone in town as the last of the 'Old Guard' shops. They still run things they way have for over a hundred years. Their selection is somewhat limited, but always of the highest quality and class. If you are looking for something with style and don't mind paying for it, this is the place for you.
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