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Central University of New Town Staff Spotlight

The Professors and Staff of CUNT come from a wide variety backgrounds and educations, bringing their vast knowledge to the students and the school. Getting to know these members of our community can help you to better understand not only them, but what we have to offer here. Staff members featured in this section are generally chosen at random from a collection of essays written about specific staff members by other members of the staff or student body. Occasionally one is featured due to some honor or award they have earned or achieved.

Featured CUNT Staff Member
For former Featured Members see the Staff Spotlight Archives.

TruthGirl Was Here
Larissa De Cotis – Modern History Professor

Larissa De Cotis has always loved history and current events, watching the world news on a daily basis since she was in her early teens. It was no surprise that she followed the interest into her college years, focusing on modern history and social studies related programs. After graduation she spent several years working for the state department, mostly writing reports and making suggestions about the correct courses of action to take in numerous international situations. Eventually she turned her back on the job when she saw that not only were none of her suggestions ever followed, but the old boy's network was permanently stuck in the same rut it had beeen in since before she was born.

Knowing that her limited area of expertise was going to be of little use on the open job market she started to look at a career in teaching. At first she tried her hand at high school, but found it nearly impossible to deal with not only the out of control students most public schools contained, but also the backwards way the school board system ran things. So she started to look around at private school and university positions. That's when she stumbled across Central University and applied for an open position.

As one of the newest members of the History and Geography Department, she has only been teaching at Central University for three years, but is already highly regarded by her peers. They have nothing but good things to say about her and all of them foresee her one day being the head of the department if she keep up the good work after she achieves tenure. Even the current head of the department says he's pretty sure she would be right up there for consideration when he finally steps down (although he's not planning to do so any time soon).

The main reason she has been so highly regarded as of late is due to her work with the most difficult of classes. Rooms full of troublemakers and entitled youths are usually impossible to get through to, but she managed to get them not only to study, but actually have competitive scores on their academic tests. She is modest about the achievement, simply saying her Incentive Program was a lucky success, but the results speak for themselves.

For more Featured Members see the Staff Spotlight Archives.
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