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Sports & Performance buildings of Central University of New Town

Central University of New Town has a long tradition of a strong and active sports and performance following, among both students and local residence. These programs and locations are available at the following locations, where applicable.

Corvin Stadium (44)
This full size collegiate stadium is used for several sporting events, presentations, concerts, classes, and training. The building attached houses several offices, storage rooms, classrooms, meeting halls, and even a small convention center, which is available for public events. Numerous times a year, sometimes as often as several times a week, college sporting events and shows are opened to the public in he stadium, usually in the late afternoons or weekends. It depends on the event in question, but the usual cost (for the public) for these events ranged between $10 and $25.

Morgan Drake Memorial Rec Center (36)
The Morgan Drake Memorial Rec Center is a complete rec center that is open to all staff and students, 24 hours a day. It houses several indoor courts, complete floor of weight and exercise equipment, three multi-purpose rooms, indoor track, spa (hot tubs, saunas, and tanning beds), a small outdoor pool, two story indoor climbing wall, and more. The building is a modern marvel of glass and metal, with windows on nearly ever side of every floor. Special dress code restrictions apply within the building and pool grounds for the safety and cleanliness reasons.

Physical Education (37, 38, & 44)
The university has large and comprehensive physical education program, including several colligate sports programs and a full sports medicine degree program. Although these programs use all the campus facilities, the majority of the classes and work is done in Wellington Hall, Shaundra Sports Medicine Center, and the Corvin Stadium Building.

Anthony Arbalest Indoor Range (40)
Although built to withstand firearms, this range is mainly used for archery and a few other ranged sports. Most of the year this building is locked down and unused, as the archery club is really the only one who uses it any more. Special exceptions and permissions have to be given to gain access.

Albert Phinney Gymnasium (41)
Although once open to the general student body, this building has been used exclusively by educational classes and sports teams since the Morgan Drake Memorial Rec Center was build several years ago. Except when special exceptions are made, this building is only open from 6 AM to 10 PM and only accessible by qualified personnel. Special dress code restrictions apply within the building for the safety and cleanliness reasons.

Wilson Field (42)
Mainly used for tennis half the school year and soccer the other half, with summers being left as an open field for various events, this large field is used for both classes, sports practice, and public events that don't require the full stadium. Not open to the general student body without special permission.

Gayler Pool (43)
This full sized Olympic pool complex not only houses the pool, but several hot tubs, a sauna, and a few special individual lap pools. The pool is used for some of the sports teams and water sport education courses, but is also open to the general staff and student body between 2 PM and 8 PM. Special dress code restrictions apply within the pool building for the safety and cleanliness reasons.

Rowing and Water Sports Education (75, 76, & 43)
Water Sports educational courses and teams use several buildings for both training, practice, and storage of items used on the lake and elsewhere. Most equipment is stored in the Sengin and Lindon Boathouses. Those uses that don't require the lake usually take place in the Gayler Pool building during class hours, before it opens to the general student body at 2 PM.

Rebecca Thompson Art Center (66)
The main two floors of the center house several small galleries and performance art stages that are used for both private and public shows. Most public shows are free, but only opened for limited times, although some can require entrance fees is the organizers require it. The basement and top floor are mostly used for storage and some class work.

Dave Brooks Theater (67)
This large theater is used for full productions and musical presentations for both the student body and public. Student films, usually in festival format, are also displayed for the public here. When not used for public performances, the building is used by the arts department for classes and practice.

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