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Sergeant Mary Henderson – R.O.T.C. (Outtakes)

What an inspiring tale that was about the Sergeant here, but what the interviewer failed to share with you is what actually happened after he said she was done with questions. Luckily I have spies everywhere that tell me what goes on behind the scenes, so let me fill you in.

When he said she lifted her shirt to expose her naked pussy to him, that was true. When he said the interview ended there, that was also true. What he didn't tell us is that the show she put on only started there.

Not only did she pull up her shirt and flash him, but she pulled the damn thing right off, baring her entire form to him and his cameraman. She played it a little coy at first, but it was pretty obvious to everyone that she was in control and enjoying the rest of the shoot.

Once she was naked she didn't seem eager to put her shirt back on and happily struck all kinds of poses for the guys in attendance. The best of these shots are the ones I am sharing with you here, but believe you me it was actually hard to choose which ones to call the best.

As you can see, her blond locks and tan form doesn't seem to look bad in any shot, and she knew how to make love to the camera as she played with the men. They, of course, were perfect gentlemen and didn't try anything with her, although I would bet she would have let them if they did.

I certainly wouldn't have been as good if I was there, and I do know she at least toys with women from time to time. You should hear some of the stories I heard about their weekend outings and what goes on at boot camp, but that's for another time.

After nearly an hour of playing around and posing, she eventually told them it was time to go and took one last look at the place she brought them before loading into the car and heading back to campus. She also eventually put her shirt back on right before they arrived.

The one fact she omitted from her interview with them, however, I have learned and will share with you all now. It took a little digging, as the military records are far more difficult to crack than the school, but I did it.

It seems the place she brought them overlooked the location where she did her original boot camp field test. The locations are kept secret and change around between several locations so they won't be disturbed, but I may have to find my way out to one of them one of these times if the stories I hear are true.

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