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Central University of New Town & Community Spotlights
Staff Spotlight
Staff Spotlight
The Staff of CUNT come from a wide variety backgrounds. Getting to know them can help you to better understand the school has to offer. Learn more about some of them by checking out these profiles of spotlighted staff members.
Student Spotlight
The Student Body of CUNT is even more diverse than the staff, coming from all over the world. They are involved in a huge variety of different programs and classes, which is what we spotlight in this section.
Arts Spotlight
The arts programs of CUNT are world renown and deserving of all the exposure they can and do get. This section makes sure that we do our part in giving them as much as we can with special spotlights for arts students and their shows.
Sports Spotlight
Although CUNT is not as well known for its sports teams as other things, it does have a highly skilled group of athletes that deserve as much spotlighting and fame as any other aspect of the school. This section was made to fulfill this.
Cheerleading Spotlight
Even more popular and well known than the sports teams are the cheerleaders, so here is a section dedicated to spotlighting that group of amazing girls. Learn about them and see what they are really like.
The historical on-campus but privately owned restaurant known as Cheekies Café have been given their own special spotlight section to highlight some of their very popular and successful serving staff (all of whom are students here).
Inspection Spotlight
Inspections are an important part of the Dress Code process and should be respected by students and staff alike. To inform about the process we have created this section to show you what happen when one goes on.
Court Spotlight
The student court system not only builds a practical knowledge of how courts work, but also enforces our own School Codes. This section spotlights some of the greater cases and the punishments that follow them.
Community Spotlight
Some events or places around campus or in the community deserve to be spotlighted. These may be limited time events or permanent structures, but either way they are something that should be of interest to the student body in general.
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