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Cracked Sports Spotlight Archive

Sabrina Carpenter – Boxing (Outtakes)

Although she was done working out, she didn't make the interviewer or cameraman leave. Instead she told them they could stick around and see how she cooled down after a workout.

For starters she lied back on a bench and spread her legs, showing them her already wet open pussy between them She then caressed her own highly sensitive nipples, getting herself fully into the mood.

Then, she wasted little time in plunging her hand between let legs and rubbing her swollen twat. From the look on her face it's easy to see she's enjoying it.

Soon she's doing more than just casually rubbing herself and is starting to work her fingers into the wet snatch.

From what I understand the interviewer and photographer just stood there in stunned disbelief as they watched her bring herself to the point of pleasure.

She then completes and brings herself to orgasm, which I'm sure was heard at least two rooms away.

Without saying a word to the stunned interviewer, she simply got up, took her headgear off, and walked off to the showers. For some reason the interviewer decide not to include this in their spotlight.

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