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Sports Spotlight Archive

Sabrina Carpenter – Boxing

We caught up with today's sports spotlight student in the gym, where she was training for her upcoming match against Fullerton University next week. Her name is Sabrina Carpenter and she is a sophomore here at Central U, although without a major declared yet. Her coach told us where we could find her, but she seemed to be expecting us.

As we walked in she stopped hitting the speed bag and gave us a big smile in greeting. We greeted her back and introduced ourselves. Sure enough, her coach told her to expect us today and my cameraman started shooting right away.

Sabrina is not what I expected from one of our star boxing athletes. I must admit, having never seen her before, I was expecting someone a little more highly muscular, somewhat tall, and with a grumpy personality. Instead I am faced with this relatively short, skinny girl with a bubbly personality and a nearly naked body that doesn't look at all like a body builder. When I comment on this she looks coyly, almost as if I embarrassed her, but I can see she is just playing with me.

So I start the conversation, inquiring about how she started here and got interested in boxing, but most of her story is pretty simple. She didn't play many sports in high school, other than one year of softball, since none of the ones they made available to the girls interested her. She wasn't allowed on the wrestling team and there were no martial arts or boxing teams at all. When she came to the college she found out everything was open to her so she wanted to try many of them out.

She started with the less strenuous ones, like archery and golf, but they didn't have the physical aspects she really wanted. So she tried out wrestling, which she really enjoyed, but thought it was a little too hands-on. So she switched to some of the martial arts classes, trying out Judo and Karate, but her instructors told her she was a little too aggressive for them and suggested she try boxing.

That was it. The first time she stepped into the arena to try out in a practice bout she knew this was the sport for her. Not only was it physical, but she got to hit things. And as hard as she could. It was as she told us this aspect of discovering her place that we first saw a glimpse of her game face. The cold eyes her opponents must see in the ring. But nearly as soon as we saw them she was smiling and looking cute again.

I asked about her attire, since she was only wearing a small bikini top, and she explained that with the dress codes in the gyms being even more strict that the rest of the campus, it was simply easier for her to train with nearly nothing on. Her options are already limited, so why bother working hard to make something fit when she can just as easily go with less. She even smiled and said that she wouldn't even wear the top if her nipples weren't so sensitive.

Sabrina started working out again, although pausing from time to time to pose for the camera, as we continued our conversation. Our being there didn't seem to bother her one bit, so I kept on with my questions and pressed for more information about her boxing career here.

From watching her move and handle the speed bag, it became obvious that she was far more than what my first impressions thought of her. Her speed and skill at hitting the bag was a thing of mastery. I surely wouldn't want to be hit by her in or out of the ring. My commenting on this made her giggle and give me a fake threatening look, telling me to stay on her good side.

She starts to tell me about her training regiment and how she works out every day in the weight training gym. She also spars at least twice a week with some of the other boxers on the team, but most of her time is spent in here working out on the bags. She starts out on the heavy bag and then does her time on speed bad, which is what we came in on today. She usually alternates two or three times between them before cooling and ending her work out.

She explains how the mix of weight training and practice keeps her in great shape, without bulking up too much. I can't help but notice how she grabs her ass when she talks about how toned she is without losing her femininity. I can't help but agree with her from what I can see. She definitely looks amazing in her minimalist workout outfit.

To finish things off I ask her about her recent run of wins and how she thinks she is going to do against the girl from Fullerton University next week. She shrugs and basically makes it sound like there is no contest. She is planning to mop the ring with her and I truly believe this little girl will be able to do it.

On that she says she's done with her workout for the day and it's time for her to cool down and get out of here. We thank her for her time and she tells us not to miss her match next week, and I assure you we won't.

She then pulls off her top and tosses it on her things before standing up and walking away from us. I guess this is where our interview and spotlight ends.

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