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Restaurants and Café's of New Town

When you want something to eat, these are the places you can go or call to have it come to you. Restaurants, cafés, coffe shops, pizza places, and more.

Full Body Sushi (1014 Birch Nut Ave.)
If you want some really good sushi served in the most enticing and unique way, then this is the place for you. Public dining, private rooms, and catering all available for our customers. Reservations may be required during peak times, but walk-ins are always welcome when there is room.

Große Brüste Kneipe (1218 Anderson Ave.)
This popular Bavarian pub and restaurant is best known for it's classically dressed serving staff and excellent food selection. It is owned and physically connected to the bakery next door (and often shares many of the same staff), allowing for fresh baked goods and sweets of all kinds to be included on the menu.

Lamplighter Pub (1107 Oak Ave.)
Located across from the New Town Public Library, this old fashioned pub caters to a mixed crowd. The look of the place is old English pub, as is most of the menu, but they do have a more modern collection of amenities to cater to a wider range of clientele.

Lakeside Pub (1107 Oak Ave.)
This modern classic style pub overlooks the waters of Lake Laramont, giving a beautiful view at any time of day. As a full-service pub, they offer a wide variety of foods, drinks, and entertainment. The friendly wait staff is always rated as one of the best in town, giving both amazing service and a beautiful view to their customers.

CUNT Student Delivering Meal
Mama Maria's Pizzeria (1517 Anderson Ave.)
One of the best (if not THE best) pizza and pasta in town. Come in for the friendly environment or have one of their helpful staff deliver the goods right to your door. They hire most of their help from the college and accept flexible schedules and the following of school rules. Give them a call and get it hot and fresh in about twenty minutes (on campus).

Merlin's Café (907 College Way)
Catering to the gaming crowd, this small but popular café (just off campus) has large tables and a huge selection of board and card games for the customers to play while waiting and eating. Menus include foods, drinks, and games as selections for you to choose. The ambiance is made to look like a mix of old tavern and wizard's tower, having hard woods draped in deeply colored fabrics.

Natural Options (1104 Birch Nut Ave.)
Everything about the food and environment of this restaurant is all-natural. They serve no artificially enhanced products of any kind and most are from local natural growers. Although they do serve several vegan dishes, the majority of their fare is only vegetarian, since they do often use butter and milk in the cooking. The meals may cost a little more, but isn't it worth it to know that what you are getting is natural?

Nothing But Chocolate (426 Oak Ave.)
If you wan candy, this is the place. Although the name says nothing but chocolate, they actually sell all sorts of candy and confections. They occasionally sell specialty items and novelty candies, but mostly it's just a wide selection of standards. Every visitor gets a free mint just for coming in.

Rathmanson's Cafe (1118 Beech Street)
When you are looking for somewhere upscale to have a fancy dinner or a nice business lunch, Rathmanson's Café is the perfect New Town location. Located in the center of the upscale shopping district, the cultured atmosphere and five-star dining experience are well suited to their surroundings. Don't expect to get a seat of you aren't dressed in proper attire (ties required for men and no athletic shoes, among other requirements).

Stacks (1408 Broadway)
Primarily a pancake house, Stacks is popular local 24-hour restaurant that is unique to New Town, having only the one location near campus. They are well known for mostly hiring students going to Central University to work as the waiting staff and originating a rather unusual uniform for them (which has been adopted by a few other local restaurants and bars since).
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