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The Truth About Central University of New Town


As you may have guessed by now, there is no Actual Central University of New Town, or New Town itself for that matter. At least not the one found on these pages and in my stories. That's right. My stories. I write most everything on these pages (unless otherwise marked as belonging to another contributor). I admit that almost none of the images are mine, although I have altered a number of them to work better for the site, but I do try to make any that belong to another site link back to that site (to give them their fair credit and feed some traffic back to them as they deserve). This place is just for my own and others entertainment and not to make money off any of them, so give them their due credit and visit.

As for the story behind how all this came about. Well, I am a writer, game designer, and lover of erotica. One such collection of erotica I discovered and fell for were the tales of Donna and Crysta, by Richard Hertz. They are the stories of a very unusual college with some very unusual rules, centered mainly around the two characters of Crystal and Donna. They are a delightfully fun series of stories about public exposure, embarrassment, and teasing others in a very sexual ways. I first found them at his asstr (Alt Sex Stories Text Repository) site, which is now long defunct (so not all the images still show). I then found he had a Blogeasy blog that ran for a couple years too, but is now also defunct. Then there was the current (as of this writing) home of his work, along with several other like minded writers, over at his own College Code of Conduct site.

I saw that his latest site (the College Code of Conduct one) allowed submissions from other writers who wanted to write in his universe. I liked this idea at first, but there were some aspects of his world that really struck me wrong (mainly the fact that his world includes what he calls 'consensual rape' and similar mandatory rules). Not so much that others would enjoy them and like writing stories about those aspects, as I am very open to all sorts of tastes, just I found that I couldn't write what I wanted and the way I wanted within the codes of his story. There would be times that I would come up against something that should happen according to his world that I wouldn't want to be there and it would really bother me either way. So I just couldn't bring myself to write any.

But I also couldn't let it sit unwritten, as I really did like other aspects of the world and ideas, plus I had a small stable of characters I have been writing about for years that would love to have some college age stories. I found I had to reconcile this somehow and started to write my own variation of the codes, keeping the ones I liked, expanding others, and removing the one I found objectionable. But I didn't want this to be some competitor or an attempt to steal his thunder, as I love his work and endorse it highly. In fact, the day I opened this site to the public I also emailed him to tell him about my creation and why I did it. I hope that at some point down the road I will hear back from him and he will like what I did.

In the meantime I will keep writing and posting, hopefully growing a community of people through this site who like the same things. I may also start to have stories about life at CUNT written by others posted here, although the forums are always open to anyone who wants to say something. I am not creating or posting my personal email anywhere on this site, but feel free to log in and send me a private message if you have something you want to say to me.

Your Humble Host,

The Characters of Central University of New Town

The site itself is organized into three main personalities, and you can see who posted each page to know which one did it. The "Admin" is the Admin of the college site and created and organized most thing pertaining to the "real" site of the university. He makes sure all the data there is what the school wants out there and puts it in a good light. Then there is "TruthGirl", who is the hacker who wants to reveal the truth about the school and posts articles and stories about it in her hidden section. Finally, there is me, Dragavan, who writes the stories. Although I actually create most everything here (under all three names) the things posted using my name are always stories about my characters and not part of either side of the "real" site, even though they are linked to through TruthGirl's pages.

I should say a little more about why I created TruthGirl and her comments and sections of the site. I wanted the site to look "serious" on the surface and have the stories hidden underneath. I found the best way to do this was to have a hacker character hack the site and put the "truth" hidden throughout it. The simple little java popups commenting on things and her symbol to link to her hidden areas of the site were all just parts of how I could do this.

All of this may make it hard to use for some people, but I liked the idea of keeping up the facade of a real school going. I find it very amusing to have it all layered like this, with the real reason for the site hidden beneath the fun facade. I even like to create different accounts for all the characters I create, so they can occasionally pop on the forums and post things. All this is done for my own amusement and fun, I just hope others find it amusing as well.

I also encourage those who come here to pretend to be in character as well. Pretend to be a student, or even some other staff member or person from town, and join in on the forums and classified. Please keep the pretend world of the school alive and keep any off topic comments or questions to the small area of the forums dedicated to it (where you are allowed to break the fourth wall). It's supposed to be fun. So have fun with it.

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