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Student Court Spotlight

One of the proudest features we have here at Central U is our student court system. It not only builds a practical knowledge of how political and court systems work, but also works have to the students actually enforce our own School Codes among themselves. The court has proven to be both fair and strict, when each of these is needed. This section is designed to spotlight some of the greater cases the court system covers and the punishments that follow them. Occasionally a case will be spotlighted here that involves an innocent verdict, if it is sufficiently important enough, but most of the time this will spotlight the guilty verdicts and their punishments, which works as both an education about the system and a deterrent for those who might think of breaking the rules.

For former features see the Punishment Spotlight Archives.

Bad Little Puppy Girl

Lucy Luckland was a very bad girl. She was repeatedly in trouble in her classes for disruptive behavior and had to suffer a number of minor punishments handed out by her professors on a regular basis. Most of her classmates have already seen her be punished in these situations.

She has also appeared in front of the student court system several times during her time here so far, but usually for small offenses or clothing violations. As such she has suffered the usual string of small punishments that are commonly given out by the court system.

This was not one of those times.

This time Lucy Luckland was in trouble for something larger. She was not only seen following another student around, yelling threats at them, but grabbing onto them and refusing to let them go on to their next class. When they struggled, she wrestled them to the ground and bound their hands behind their back with the straps of her backpack. When pulled off by the campus police and questioned, she gave no reason as to her outburst and then gave no defense in court.

As such she was easily found guilty and sentenced without nearly any resistance from her or her student defender. Since she was holding someone against their will and keeping them from having their freedom, the punishment selected was along those same lines. She had to be a human dog on a leash, controlled by her "owner" and playing the part of a puppy, for most of a day. There was also a penalty if she broke character, increasing the time she has to spend as a dog by two hours each time she does.

The girl she had wronged was given the opportunity to be the "owner" if she wanted it, having Lucy as her personal puppy girl for a day. She said she would not be comfortable with that and was afraid that Lucy would somehow turn it around on her and embarrass her in the process. So she asked the court to find a suitable replacement to control the punishment. The court assigned one of their inspectors to take the role and handle the punishment fairly.

The main punishment was going to take place in one of the "showcase" rooms the court system has set aside on campus for these types of punishments to happen. These rooms have either one open wall or at leas a large glass window along one wall that allow anyone who wants to look in at the events of the punishments. This particular punishment was performed in the "Blue Room" found near the main entrance to Carbine Hall off University Lane.

When the day arrived, Lucy was stripped of all clothing—since dogs don't generally wear them—and fitted with a collar and leash. That leash was handed over to her "owner" and the day-long punishment began. At first she seemed to be having fun with the gig, pretending to be a playful puppy and teasing the guy who was tagged to be her owner. The fact that she was naked only seemed to add to her enjoyment of the playing and teasing.

She was treated like a good little puppy, with her "owner" playing ball and petting her as needed. She loved playing with her ball and pretending to roll around and beg for petting. She willingly ate from her dog dish and water bowl. And everyone who wanted to could walk through and watch as she performed as a puppy girl.

Her "owner" even took her out for a walk, but Lucy broke character a lot to get up off her knees or to say things to her friends that passed by. In the end she was in far more trouble than when she started, nearly doubling her time as a puppy girl.

When her "owner" returned from the ill-fated walk to the "Blue Room" he was pretty upset with her behavior. Not only did he have to calculate all the extra time for her punishment—which would continue well into the next day now—but he didn't want to deal with her for a while. She still wanted to play around and flirt, but he wasn't into it, so he did what you do to disobedient dogs.

First he got out the rolled up newspaper and bopped her first on the nose and then spanked her with it to show his displeasure for her bad behavior. Since it was not defined as a spanking punishment, he didn't go all out and only did it to play the part, but still left her ass slightly reddened in the process.

Lucy realized that she had gone too far and bowed her head to show how sorry she was—as a dog would. She had hoped this position of supplication and atonement would be enough to get her "owner" to play again, but wasn't going to try and push it. Instead she simply kneeled there with her head bowed and waited.

He was not ready to forgive her yet, and she was then made to get into the provided kennel by her "owner". She was reluctant to do so, but knew she had little choice and slowly made her way in. He gently sped her up with a tap of his foot against her red behind and locked the cage behind her, trapping her inside.

Since there was nothing to do inside the cage but sit and feel sorry for herself, Lucy did just that. Eventually she fell asleep on the floor of the cage, using the provided blanket and a mattress, and stayed that way for the rest of the night. Her "owner" was allowed to leave late in the evening to sleep in his own bed, while a replacement guard simply watched over Lucy, protecting her as she slept in her cell.

In the morning, the "owner" returned, relieved the night guard, and opened things back up for the public. Lucy soon woke up, still locked in her cage, and was being good and submissive in her apparent atonement. Having spent the night as a puppy in cage seemed to do her some good and her attitude appeared to have completely changed.

After a short while the "owner" opened the cage and let Lucy back out to spend her second day of punishment, expecting things to go more smoothly after what happened the day before. Lucy slowly crawled out of the kennel and moved cautiously over to sit near the feel of her "owner", waiting to see what he wanted of her.

He couldn't hold back and reach down to pat her on the head and give her a good scratching. She wiggled her but and made happy doggie noises, realizing he had forgiven her for her previous transgressions. She was being good and playing role of a puppy well.

Over the course of this second day Lucy was much better behaved and never once broke character as a puppy, seeming to become the role in her enjoyment. She even behaved when he took her out for a walk later in the day, never complaining about her knees or talking to anyone. She simply followed along on her leash and happily played in the grass of the park they stopped in. Everything she did was as a dog.

After her time was finally up—late that afternoon—the "owner" announced that she was done and could get dressed and leave. Lucy looked up at him confused at first, cocking her head to one side, before realizing what he had really said. See, she had gone so far into being the doggie that she didn't even understand his words at first. But she reluctantly got up and grabbed her things from the bin they were placed in by the door when she arrived.

She simply rolled them up and put them under her arm as the inspector—who had played her owner—came over to remove her collar and leash. She reached up to stop his hands, saying, "You mind if I keep these?"

He didn't, and let her leave with it. He had a smile on his face, happy to see a good puppy made from a bad girl.
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