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Punishment Spotlight Archive

One of the proudest features we have here at Central U is our student court system. It not only builds a practical knowledge of how political and court systems work, but also works have to the students actually enforce our own School Codes among themselves. The court has proven to be both fair and strict, when each of these is needed. This section is designed to spotlight some of the greater cases the court system covers and the punishments that follow them. Occasionally a case will be spotlighted here that involves an innocent verdict, if it is sufficiently important enough, but most of the time this will spotlight the guilty verdicts and their punishments, which works as both an education about the system and a deterrent for those who might think of breaking the rules.

The following list is all the punishments (and some court hearings) that have been spotlighted since these rebooted archives were started. As new ones are shown on the main page they are also added to this list.

Bad Little Puppy Girl
The Groping Booth
Restraining Order
A Real Class Performance
The Straight Jacket
Blindfold Justice
A Dorm Mother's Whip
Cindy In The Stocks
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